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Posted by CRM software @ 01/31/2013 11:49 PM GMT-8
An effective management solution determines the success or failure of a project
If you work in the construction industry you will know just how important effective management solutions are in determining the success or failure of a project. Construction projects usually span over a number of months, so it is essential to keep track of time and objectives. If you are looking...

Posted by The Old Country @ 01/22/2013 01:50 PM GMT1
"Ditto" or "Yeah, like he said"
know it's been a long time, but can I just say it is a real pleasure when new work comes in from past clients that seemed to have finished what needed to be done, and then thought, well, maybe he could do this too (even though it wasn't the same as the other) or someone that arrives by word of...

Posted by troubledparadis3 @ 01/16/2013 10:59 PM GMT-8
The "Hula"
this entry is for an event that happend last jan 12,2013i was never really a fan of "psychics"..... naw, who am i kidding. my bestfriend and i are interested about it since we were little. not that i am a hardcore, but neither did i believe that they didn't exist. But to experience it...

Posted by JP's Corner @ 11/26/2012 11:04 PM GMT8
lol.. back to the corner where everything can be vented
Alrite, I am back here after so long as facebook or twitter can no longer be a space for me to vent out my thoughts and ideas.. I am pretty confident that no one else will be visiting this blog, so perhaps here is still the safest corner for me. Well, been keeping things to myself, to a point...

Posted by TheForbiddenAngel @ 11/10/2012 01:22 AM GMT-4
Palabras del Corazon...
Niña de ojos de noche. Tan pequeña pero a su vez tan fuerte. Con una hermosa sonriza que a cualquiera enloquece. Como pudiste tocar y llegar a lo mas profundo de mi alma y como a pesar de la distancia aun sigues tan dentro de mi. Por que te sueño todos los dias escuchando tu voz como si me...

Posted by ERIN @ 09/28/2012 02:11 AM GMT8
New Job???
Salam dan Selamat pagi blog ku...Hari nih 28 september 2012, esok roadtax keta aku mati... keta aku pon masih dalam bengkel.. kalo ikot calculation mean da dekat 2 bulan gak aku x keje...jobless Sebelum aku nk cite pasal new job nih, izikan aku cerita pasal keta aku dulu yang merupakan satu2nya...

Posted by .tebabo mine blog @ 08/28/2012 06:04 PM GMT7
Nak tahu masalah terbesar manusia? Masalah yg terbesar bagi setiap manusia adalah keikhlasan (ikhlas) Tak bergunalah manusia menyembah-Nya jika tiada dlm keihkhlasan dlm hatinya Tiada gunanya kalau beribadat sekadar untuk menunjuk kepada kawan2 / org sekelilingnya Bila kita...

Posted by Japanese Women @ 08/07/2012 06:50 PM GMT-8
Japanese Brides Desires To Marry Foreign Guys
Japanese girls are looking for the greatest spouse from foreign shores. Many of these ladies advertise on the internet, or with traditional media channels their desires to marry guys from foreign nations. A guy could do much worse than snagging a hot Japanese girl for to date or marry; these women...

Posted by maridor @ 08/03/2012 02:18 PM GMT7
It's ok....
For sure, I am way better than her... For sure, I am more beautiful than her... For sure, I am way, way, smarter than her... For sure, I deserve someone better... For sure, there's a reason for everything...

Posted by cheap MLB jerseys @ 06/24/2012 07:21 PM GMT-8
hi, new here
Dear all, I am nice here, pls be nice. :)


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