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Posted by KEYZA @ 06/01/2013 01:31 AM GMT-8
ketenangan hati
Time camni aku masih tak dapat melelapkan mata. Perasaan tidak tenteram, rindu semua bercampur baur. Rasa sakit hati telah lama dipendam bila setiap kali ingin meluangkan detik indah bersama suami tetapi ada sahaja alasan yang diberikan. Masanya kini lebih banyak pada rakan2 tiada lagi masa...

Posted by Juza @ 05/28/2013 10:50 PM GMT8
i wish to be superwomen..
Salam... Tajuk hari lain sikitkan.... wish to be a superwomen.. Boleh ke...memang tak mungkin la aku bukan nak jadi lebih kuat...lebih tabah dan paling penting aku redha... Aku nak jadi kuat sebab aku nak buat segala kerja yg patut aku buat....kerja rumah...sbg suri rumah dan seg...

Posted by WelcometomyBlog @ 05/07/2013 08:24 PM GMT-8
How to Convert YouTube Videos on Windows 8?
Windows 8 may be the biggest gamble in technology history. Instead of simply updating Windows 7 with new eye candy and features, Microsoft chose to build something completely new—a combination tablet/desktop operating system. The company’s line is that it’s a “no-compromise”...

Posted by fatangel @ 05/02/2013 10:43 PM GMT-8
To Show You My Love by Mike Schmid
Came across this song on youtube, now addicted... :PTo Show You My Love by Mike SchmidI wanted to write you a song A song you could sing forever And I wanted to rhyme And to bend phrase and time Into something clever But you deserve something better If I could make all the mountains spell...

Posted by blurayplayer1 @ 04/08/2013 03:04 AM GMT-8
Best Blu-ray Enjoyment of Academy Award Movie
Les Misérables, directed by Tom Hooper, is a 2012 British musical drama film which won three Golden Globe Awards, four BAFTAAwards and three Academy Award. This film derived from classic, adapted from the famous Broadway plays then reappeared on the big screen in Christmas 2012,...

Posted by Asian Girls @ 04/02/2013 05:33 PM GMT-8
Why Western Guys Looking For Asian Women To Marry?
It ought to getting noted the fact that coloring does depend concerning the bride's country of origin. A thing different is observed, and there are interminable potential customers as the bride can get a notion from any factor of culture and blend it in to her search. A good place to...

Posted by Web Hosting Guide @ 04/02/2013 11:19 AM GMT-7
DDoS attacks : Identifying and Prevention
What is DDoS Attack?A Denial-of-Service(DoS) attack or Distributed Denial-of-Service(DDoS) attack is an attack that makes the network much overloaded so that it can not accept further requests from client. This can be done through various connections on single website via different...

Posted by no 1 player @ 03/25/2013 09:21 PM GMT-8
How to Play Blu-ray on iPad 4 easily by iPad Blu-ray Player
As the only widely-available high-definition format for optical media, Blu-ray is capable of supporting extremely HD video effect. Although Apple is reluctant to ship with Blu-ray driver, you can also to enjoy Blu-ray HD videos on your Mac via a Blu-ray driver and a Mac Blu-ray Player. But an...

Posted by The Mind Speaks @ 02/26/2013 10:18 PM GMT-8
The Day Valentine Broke My Heart
I have said many thingsThey filled the chapters of an unhappy storyI wish to compose a Valentines day verseNow Im simply writing a goodbye note. I started to feel and I wanted to shareA special kind of love beyond celebration and holidaysI would simply put my arms around youBut when I opened my...

Posted by CRM software @ 01/31/2013 11:49 PM GMT-8
An effective management solution determines the success or failure of a project
If you work in the construction industry you will know just how important effective management solutions are in determining the success or failure of a project. Construction projects usually span over a number of months, so it is essential to keep track of time and objectives. If you are looking...


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