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Posted by luCode @ 07/25/2014 08:42 AM GMT4.5
After a long time i didnt update my blog.. i will do so in couple of month.. Im back with new tech

Posted by Diari Rebana 1996 @ 07/24/2014 12:43 PM GMT-8
Dulu satu, kini dua.
Ya. Seingat aku bila aku tulis blog ini dulu, memang aku tak sangka masih boleh stay lama dengan blog ini. Walaupun kekadang bertahun lamanya tak update atau tulis sesuatu. Tak sangka aku masih gagah menulis diblog ini. Serius. Masih tak sangka blog ini masih wujud ke hari ini. ...

Posted by my blog @ 05/02/2014 09:45 PM GMT-8
Easter occasion on Runescape
The birds vocal plus the sun is shining. But there is certainly still an uncommon ambiance inside the air. This old school rs gold  can be connected to handing more than the'' Year''. It happens that the'' California king with the Year'' snow handed more than to the'' Queen'' or sunrise....

Posted by Crazyness @ 04/09/2014 11:09 PM GMT-5
Why I hate Atlanta
I've been sitting here watching Duck Dynasty for a few hours writing some letters and realizing that I don't have class until Monday. I've been having a lot of classes cancelled this semester. It's been really weird. I feel like I haven't really been at school and it sucks being in a place where...

Posted by Story of Me @ 03/19/2014 10:01 AM GMT7
Impian .. Tawakal
Buatlah Impian..Karena Impian akan membuat kita bergerakmembuat kita berusahamembuat kita berdoadan akhirnya Allah yg menilai ..apakah kita pantas untuk mendapatkan impiannya..Maksimalkan usaha ..Tetapkan dijalan-Nyayang kita inginkan belum tentu yang terbaikAllah tau yang terbaikketika bertawakal...

Posted by Kalganism @ 02/01/2014 09:14 AM GMT-5
How the WoW economy works (a primer)
Quite honestly, I probably shouldn't be doing this at all. Responding to a personal attack on the internet only makes things more ridiculous.So we're going to reference here today, instead of the WoW boards, although there is a touch of the WoW boards in there. In the podcast, the author here...

Posted by kengkoymaru @ 11/07/2013 09:10 PM GMT7
Smashing Shitdays 1
Kasalanan ko ba talaga na ganito ang buhay ko.? Hindi naman siguro, kasi kung totoo nga, tanggap ko. Nakakapagod na lang, Hindi talaga nila naiintindihan ang nararamdmana ko, ang mundo ko, nasa loob ng utak ko. Andun ang galit, ang saya, ang hinagpis, ang poot, ang sama ng loob, ang...

Posted by Sub-Zero @ 09/02/2013 11:50 AM GMT0
New stuff!
Star Trek XI, Big Bang Theory 6 and a new Reckless Love album! Perhaps today is a good day to die! :-)

Posted by Bender @ 08/12/2013 08:59 PM GMT-5
Trying to revive this space
Trying to revive this space as a hangout place for our Metlife Middleware team2012-2013...

Posted by Password Reset @ 08/05/2013 06:02 PM GMT-8
Don't Worry - Learn Ways to Recover iPhone Contacts
Accidentally deleting contacts on the iPhone Hi, the other day for some reason i lost all my contacts on my IPhone 4S. I have search everywhere i can think of to find a way to recover them but nothing worked. So can anyone please tell me how i can recover my contacts? I can’t use ITunes...


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