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Posted by angel eyes @ 02/05/2004 06:19 PM GMT8
Happy 40 AB
kakatuwa title ng AB week... hehehe.

Posted by go pirates @ 02/02/2004 01:40 PM GMT-5
The "me" in previous responses represents who i am.  At that point and time i might experience change in temporary "me" but the whole truth is found in the combination of responses.  On a greater sense, the who i was 10 years ago is not who i am now.  The who i was 3 years ago is not...

Posted by BlacLung @ 01/30/2004 01:49 PM GMT-5
Men must become more than sperm shooting fashion plates.  Men have become bad fathers and grown boys.  Look at the leading Men's magazines and what do you get.  Magazine articles written by woman explaining to guys who to get women.  And their advice usually leads to men...

Posted by Spirit A Winner @ 12/27/2003 08:08 AM GMT7
Belajar, belajar, belajar.....
Agar mencapai kesuksesan mesti belajar... so... aku belajar dulu ya? do'ain teman-teman :)

Posted by skwon77 @ 12/19/2003 11:19 AM GMT-8
She's gone
Well my gf left to Vegas lastnight but I was upset as I though I would be.  In fact, we kissed and I said have fun.  Came home and then took care of my sis's and gf's dog and watched a movie.  Then my friend from San Diego called.  It's funny how we were able to talk for hours...

Posted by PrEcIoUs MoMeNt @ 12/06/2003 12:17 AM GMT-8
Haiz..this morning went back Guzheng..and that stupid cow moomoo in Genting enjoying herself..haiz..STB say today test the "xiao bai chuan" and "xue shan huan ge"..den in the end never test..kaoz..make me practise like siao yesterday night..wat the ****!!!! Den today we are being put into zheng...

Posted by teensuper @ 11/14/2003 12:26 PM GMT3.5
سلاماین وبلاگ تا اخر ماه رمضان تعطیل می باشد و سایت ما هم طبق اخرین خبر قرار هست تا روز یک شنبه به حالت عادی برگرده و من قول میدم که بعد از ماه رمضان روی سایت با جدیت و...

Posted by tipsonly @ 10/28/2003 12:36 PM GMT-8

Posted by EWR Bums @ 09/14/2003 04:50 PM GMT-5
Some idiot rearended our car on Friday.
We were heading to see the my new prospective project (1990 Audi Quattro), we stopped at the red lights and all of the sudden big BUM! we jumped forward. Suprisngly the damages are minor. There is a nasty scratch on the bumper and tiny one on the right light. I ask the kid " Didn't you see us?" and...

Posted by whitepimp954 @ 08/07/2003 11:41 PM GMT-8
15th tyme
wait till the 16th tyme


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