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Posted by teep teep @ 06/19/2005 10:26 AM GMT-6
gel tv
they always have people dancing in the background. and i think this is a shoe commercial.. watch!

Posted by Ravi Sharma @ 06/13/2005 07:33 PM GMT5.5
Gateway of India
The famous architect George Wittet designed several landmark buildings in Mumbai, including the Prince of Wales Museum and the Gateway of India. The Gateway of India, with a maximum height of 83 feet, was completed in 1924 with a cost of Rs 21 lakh. The last British troops to leave India,...

Posted by What to do @ 05/25/2005 08:55 AM GMT-8
TRIVIA Bite #4: Computer Connect
Aloha comrades,       ;      ;   Yes, I am aware that most of you would have missed me last week, because there weren’t any issues of TRIVIA Bite. There definitely were lot of mails of concern and a few of pleasure hoping I had not...

Posted by Melinda and David @ 01/03/2005 11:29 AM GMT-5
Linkin Park Rocks!
My first Linkin Park concert was this summer.  We went to the Project Revolution tour with Korn, the Used and several other entertaining entertainers.  The concert was shortly after Hurricane Charley.  I found out (after the show) that Linkin Park, who headlined and organized...

Posted by Guy Named Gaurav @ 12/21/2004 06:07 PM GMT5.5
The Day and Beyond
The B day went on really kewl.. we walked into 10 Downing Street and had a great time. The music was kewl and I was feeling great.. Did couple of Rums :) and then though if going to Pizza Hut.. It wasnt a gud Idea though on that day. My friends made sure that those guys knew it was my BDay and I...

Posted by HomeBuying47 @ 09/22/2004 10:42 PM GMT-8
September Newsletter

Posted by Love surrender @ 07/06/2004 12:16 AM GMT7
Officially R.I.P---<5th July 2004>
           Hope u will enjoy the days of your lives & future in peace.Let career be your first priority.Choose the right person coz i don wanna see u suffer like now.Take good care of yourself,I won't be surprised if u will be having a crush on...

Posted by Brian's Blog @ 04/08/2004 01:08 AM GMT-5
Wishin I was cool too.
Yea so I figured Id post up an entry. All I can say is, FINAL FOUR Pix comin soon! You havent lived til you pretended to shock an OkSU girl with a foam hand. I feel so alive. Nothing goes on here at GT so theres not much to write about...notice my last two posts involve off campus sporting...

Posted by Korupt @ 03/11/2004 12:14 AM GMT-7
inside out
oral sex is healthy, just gets you fired up to do other shit might even like a little ass why your at it? guys who don't eat pussy have bad jeans and will give you weak children with soft heads i am challenged cause my dad did not eat pussy

Posted by *My StuFf* @ 02/09/2004 05:11 PM GMT-8
Fun Stuf
Last Night = A ton oF fUn. c-fro, jen, meg, sam, and kyleigh came over and we watched the grammys. i think we ate 2 much tho!! well, it was a blast. OuTkaSt's performance @ the end, wooohooo. he rox my sox. i decided i like funk music now. cuz its pretty tyte. No SkoOl 2day but i...


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