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Posted by To My Future Self @ 12/08/2003 11:15 PM GMT-6
Movin' on to the greener pasture that is LiveJournal. Screw you guys, I'm going home. *Prances off to happy live journal*

Posted by PrEcIoUs MoMeNt @ 12/06/2003 12:17 AM GMT-8
Haiz..this morning went back Guzheng..and that stupid cow moomoo in Genting enjoying herself..haiz..STB say today test the "xiao bai chuan" and "xue shan huan ge"..den in the end never test..kaoz..make me practise like siao yesterday night..wat the ****!!!! Den today we are being put into zheng...

Posted by Driver Journal @ 11/07/2003 06:54 PM GMT-6
A long overdue update
Well, it has been over a month. Does that give you an indication of how busy I have been? Things are progressing. I can now get through the rodeo course, but it isn't always pretty. After my first attempt, I was about ready to throw in the towel, but perseverance pays and a solid week of staying...

Posted by strawberryncream @ 10/27/2003 04:16 PM GMT-5
                                            Hey everyone!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! I am soooo happy cuz in science today, mike bollman...

Posted by My New Hometown @ 10/14/2003 04:39 PM GMT-6
I hear awful truths about where I was and how it is going there. I hear about people not satisfied with current policy and my name becoming mud very quickly. I hear about problems made by many but being blamed on one person - namely me because I am not there to defend my name. Just know this - I...

Posted by WHAT THE @ 10/10/2003 06:56 PM GMT-8
h4h4h4h 1m tr13n th1s bl0gg th1ng.. 1 dunn0 1f 1t w1ll w0rk... kuz th3n 11f 1t dunt 1ll g0 back t0 my 3xp3rt13z.. h4h4hh4... X4NG4S!!!!... ummm... l3ts s33... A p3r-... V10l1n... n0t much t0 s4ii but EViL!!! B p3r-... H4RM0NS0N!!...t3st.. w00h00!!h4hh4h4h4... y34hs... xD C per- .... P3.. my...

Posted by Brick Notes @ 10/05/2003 10:07 AM GMT-6
E-Mail Reminders
EMAIL REMINDERS: 1) Disregard any email that asks for personal information, credit card numbers, or bank information. 2) Don't buy anything from a spammer. 3) Check all email attachments with antivirus software.

Posted by Captians Log @ 09/25/2003 07:39 PM GMT-6
Impressive huh?? cool
   Okay, so I go to work today and it is dragging. I mean I thought I was about ready to pass out on the checkstand, because I was so bored.   So after the "long day" at work was over, I decided to go over to the recruiting center and study up on my math.  Math and...

Posted by Juristic Journal @ 09/22/2003 07:21 PM GMT2

Posted by hApPiLyLoAtHiNg @ 07/28/2003 11:00 PM GMT-5
I saw you lying there but your glow was gone, your face was ashen, and your hands were cold. The spirit that once lived abandoned its shell, left it cold, and lifeless. When I close my eyes I see you die, the sound makes me want to scream. How can a flame that burned so brightly be...


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