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Posted by bAbY's bLaBs @ 12/11/2014 09:02 PM GMT7
Baked Honey Salmon wrapped in Bacon
Something special tonight... for Mr. F:) First time trying the recipe, don't know if it works. Ah well... Bon Appétit :)Sigh... He messed up my masterpiece... And we got into a fight...Dam!!! Heartbroken!!! . ..

Posted by BlackRabbitTrials @ 12/07/2014 04:09 PM GMT-5
Sweet Beginnings~
To anyone reading this welcome to my first blog, the purpose of me starting this was to unleash my unedited thoughts to the world without holding back for fear of drama seeking fucks who know nothing about me or what I face daily. Part of the main reason I'm starting this blog is be able to voice...

Posted by DmanGTR @ 12/01/2014 02:13 PM GMT-5
Batch 26: Bee Happy
The Court Brewery Batch 26: Bee Happy (mead)4.5 gal batch25% buckwheat honey75% wildflower honeyEnough water for OG 1.110Yeast nutrientYeast energizerLallemand CBC1 yeastFG: 1.005ABV: approx 13.75%After primary fermentation, mead was split into 4x1gal carboys. Each was treated...

Posted by walkthrulife @ 11/03/2014 06:09 PM GMT7
Reminiscing old memories here

Posted by London-life101 @ 09/11/2014 07:06 PM GMT11
Today has been so crazy. Moods changing and do not know what is going on anymore. Today was a struggle to be happy. Then had panic attacks and swings of mood and thought what is going on with my life. I feel empty and I am lost. My friends abandoned me and I miss them. I texted them since they go...

Posted by bLOG ke bLOG? @ 08/20/2014 10:59 PM GMT8
biLa LaLuaN DiPeRmUdaH ALLAH...
20 Ogos 2014 Erghhh !...Uhhh!..Puihh!..dah macam gua tempurung aku tengok..sudah 6 tahun aku tidak menjenguk ke sini....Ya, ENAM TAHUN!,,Last post entry 20 September 2008..macam tak percaya kan? Pejam celik pejam celik dah lepas 6 tahun...Bila difikir balik dalam 6 tahun nih macam2 dah...

Posted by INTERNATIONAL LAW @ 08/12/2014 04:45 AM GMT0

Posted by justrie @ 08/09/2014 08:32 PM GMT7
My imagination
Berharap pada Mu Rabb dalam tunduk sujudku berilah hidupku damai Arahkan jln ku menuju jln yg Kau ridhai meski kerikil tajam aral mlintang Jika ini khendakmu buka hatiku lapangkan hatiku Untuk hal baik tidak ada yg tak mungkin bismillah.....

Posted by MEDICAL LAW @ 08/08/2014 01:48 AM GMT-8
What is Pharmaceutical Law?Pharmaceutical Laws relate to the creation, sale, distribution, and use of pharmaceutical drugs. These laws include intellectual property rights to protect drug manufacturers’ research, safety standards to protect the public from harmful side effects, ...

Posted by drama queen @ 07/23/2014 06:02 PM GMT9
after eons i posted something
i never though i would be back here~ it was just a random whim a little while ago to look back at my previous blogs was so scared when the website said "due to inactivity we deactivated your account" my heart stopped good thing i remembered the password >__< i dont know if i am going to be back...


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