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Posted by Surya's Blog @ 07/07/2015 09:55 PM GMT-6
Someone to Remember
There are some people who come into your life and change it forever. There is the one friend who teaches you what being a real friend means, the first relationship that teaches you what it takes to make a relationship work, and that one person who teaches you how to always have fun, no matter...

Posted by KWENTONG PUSA @ 06/29/2015 12:22 PM GMT8
Ni hindi ko pa alam kung ano ung "asexual" nun pero sabi ng opismate ko baka daw asexual ako haha. sabi ko naman. "ano tingin mo sakin, halaman!?" dinedma ko lang sya nun sabay biglang nagpost ung Elite Daily ng tungkol sa asexuals. nabasa ko tuloy.. tapos para kong naka-relate. haha. ayun.....

Posted by My Labyrinth Mind @ 06/26/2015 03:27 PM GMT-6
Life Stories of a Shorty- Firestarter
At the naive and fearless age of five...Chilling in the living room some time after midnight and the household was snoring...Watching the projection box projecting images of Shirley Temple twisting twirlingA frost bitten breeze roughens my skin and crystallizes my snotA simple cover should...

Posted by Oblivion @ 06/21/2015 01:28 AM GMT7

Posted by noorsuraya @ 06/16/2015 05:07 PM GMT7
Mak Cik Raja Berpindah :(
Assalamualaikum,Selamat menyambut puasa. Tahun ini kaksu dah berpindah ke Rumah Kecil Dekat Sawah.Sesekali jemputlah ke sana, kalau nak tahu Mak Cik Raja masak apa untuk berbuka puasa ya.Sayang,- kaksu -

Posted by canta_del_viaje @ 05/29/2015 04:59 AM GMT-8
Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Dear Allah, People would say that you are not on the internet. So there is no point in talking to you there. But you're everywhere. And you listen to everyone. Even people like me. Dear Allah, I am sorry. I have been selfish and petty and vengeful. I...

Posted by Misato's Garden @ 05/29/2015 12:35 AM GMT-3
Santos jueves, Batman!!!
Hoy ha sido un dia digamos.. peculiar, por elegir un adjetivo. Cosas esperadas no salieron... como era esperado, resaltando la obviedad, y otras muchas fueron totalmente inesperadas. Fue un dia raro, donde parece que el Universo me mando a cruzarme con alguien determinado para tirarme de las...

Posted by ayermata @ 05/16/2015 07:44 PM GMT7
Alamat Baharu - Mak Cik Raja
Assalamualaikum,Setelah rumah lama ini sudah rosak sana sini dan tidak dapat dibaiki lagi, maka dengan ini Mak Cik Raja umumkan: "Saya sudah pindah ke  Rumah Kecil Dekat Sawah."Insya-Allah boleh cari Mak Cik Raja di sana ya, kalau rindu :pKalau tak ada di situ juga, Mak Cik Raja di Rumah...

Posted by Liliehjatmiko @ 05/09/2015 03:15 AM GMT-8
My eBoy
Kalo eBoy masih hidup, mungkin sekarang udah segagah bimbi kali ya?

Posted by Enchanted realm @ 05/07/2015 01:33 AM GMT7
those old notes
It was the old emails of the account that you almost forgot of its existance. They are like old "love letters" calling out to you again. The unread ones, emails that you left hanging there all brand new, even though holds no more validity, it meant something. It was a communication that...


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