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Posted by Life is Evol @ 02/05/2010 12:26 PM GMT-8
kepandaian manusia diukur pada bentuknya.bercakap pasal kepandaian, yang penting kecool-nan satu perkarabukan tentang cara tapi tentang rupa. yeah

Posted by A minha janela @ 01/31/2010 01:56 PM GMT0
Seasick steve
Seasick Steve

Posted by Peach Times @ 01/31/2010 10:25 AM GMT-8
Forty-eight days to Spring
Found this photo of Stephanie on one of my hosting sites.

Posted by sarah kay's world @ 01/05/2010 04:52 AM GMT-8
work mode..
now lng ulet ngupdate..kapagod dami ko kwento super tagal na ng last updates ko..whats new in my life..well i have work now.di prin nggrant ung nsa wishlist ko ung no.1 un..heheh..tagal nga igrant..anyweiz thats all for now

Posted by :: Subtleties :: @ 11/11/2009 09:48 AM GMT-8
confused (confus)
how did i ever get this far? why have a locked myself in this guy's (who isn't my boyfriend) house, typing this post while he's sleeping in the other room?  why have i been helping him make better of his life, encouraging him to look for a job and building up his ego, when i should be trying...

Posted by Magic Light @ 10/24/2009 10:06 PM GMT-5
Thu vàngĐi trên đường đầy nắngLá vàng rơi trước sânChợt ngẩng nhìn mây trắngThu đến rồi bâng khuâng!!!-------------------- ------------------------------ --Thẩn thơTối nay thổn thức trong lòng emLang thang ngòai phố thấy êm đềmSao rơi đầy...

Posted by harrnizalia @ 10/20/2009 02:52 PM GMT6
Rational urself
assalamualaikum... ape khabar sume..lame za tak update blog ni..bukan lupe bukan tak ingat tapi kekangan masa dan kemudahan internet membataskan nukilan dan perkongsian ilmu. insy satu mase nanti za akan update selalu blog kesayangan za ni.. well rasenye za nak wat perubahan sikit pade konsep...

Posted by Fourkenowl @ 10/01/2009 09:25 PM GMT12
Kissing Butterflies
  Saw this on a public bathroom wall, wirtten rather well in black vivid.   A bird may kiss a butterfly A friend may kiss a friend goodbye The morning dew may kiss he grass But you my friend can kiss my ass   Subtle, intriguing and mildly humerous.   Thats all I...

Posted by **In Progress** @ 09/09/2009 09:59 AM GMT-8
So yeah
Working on getting this up and running. Deal with the blankness.

Posted by katha @ 08/29/2009 06:08 PM GMT7
Luv Txt
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