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Posted by A Blog By Mich @ 03/17/2005 04:39 PM GMT10
There is only one word to describe my day... crap
well suprise suprise: I GOT INTO STATES!! yay, cheer cheer... -.- i'm know, i should have guessed this would happen; like ive always said as soon as anything gets good, everything becomes crap. i missed my tennis match against my friend's school because im sick; i haven't played tennis all...

Posted by Shierlyvacation @ 02/24/2005 11:09 AM GMT1
Indonesia "Jakarta - Ambon" April 2004
INDONESIA - JAKARTA                With our lovely family & friends       INDONESIA - AMBON         

Posted by TEHACHE @ 01/02/2005 01:39 AM GMT1

Posted by ehong @ 11/01/2004 11:44 PM GMT-8
yay for blogdrive
*k found the site i was looking for.. thankgoodnessfor omg! so here i go again. im gonna blog now cause reading my sister's blog made me want to become a blogger again. theres something about xanga that just makes u self conscious about what you write. well anyways.. i think today was...

Posted by Special makanan @ 10/24/2004 03:37 AM GMT5
BAHAN : 2 sendok makan minyak untuk menumis 4 siung bawang putih, dimemarkan 1/2 bawang bombay, dirajang kasar 2 cabai hijau, dipotong serong tipis 3 sendok makan tausi 300 gram ayam filet, potong-potong 200 gram jagung muda (keputren) masing-masing belah dua memanjang 2 sendok makan saus...

Posted by d-mure @ 09/30/2004 01:44 AM GMT8
*poutz* i want my hug now!!
"i am moody and messy i get restless and its senseless how you never seem to care when im angry you listen make me happy its your mission and you wont stop till im there... that is to whoever. anyone and everyone. that actually make me smile. i love u ppl. because of people like...

Posted by the_did1 @ 09/29/2004 10:29 PM GMT7
Mengatasi Rembesan Pada Lantai dan Dinding
Rembesan pada bangunan dapat menyebabkan kelembaban pada bangunan tersebut menjadi tinggi. Agar kelembaban ini tidak semakin tinggi, harus ada langkah pencegahan. KENALI SUMBER REMBESAN Rembesan yang masuk pada bangunan (terutama rumah) perlu kita cermati baik-baik. Banyak celah yang menjadi...

Posted by dorothy @ 09/18/2004 08:28 PM GMT8
Les Choristes
¥hPalace IFCڻLes choristes~* ıonnڻX~*...d + PH...ӥBdqnn!!~...² nLWfrench...oıۥd frenchYn..._Xnhy ڻr\upA~*...G.. .򨣭ӤkHoY׳ Caresse sur l'océan Caresse sur l'océan Porte l'oiseau si...

Posted by izautopia @ 09/09/2004 03:25 AM GMT-8

Posted by kapalpesiar @ 09/06/2004 06:51 PM GMT-8
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