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Posted by bleep bloop @ 07/07/2006 01:23 AM GMT6.5
g   that's the new blog.

Posted by Golden Ratio Room @ 06/02/2006 03:30 AM GMT-8
The Golden Ratio Room
    "Cold Fusion" Moth Designs-original photography and photo collage   Hello and welcome to Dimitri Spanoas Virtual Castle. There are many rooms in the virtual castle...this one is dedicated to the writings of math and physics. For the most part it is also an extension into...

Posted by Arquinorma @ 03/30/2006 04:20 PM GMT0
Edifício Suite Vollard
   O jantar com o dormitório ao fundo. Os ambientes interagem pela ausência de paredes.    Dormitório    Ao girar, os ambientes podem ser posicionados em frente a lareira ou hidromassagem com um simples toque     O formato...

Posted by OCULTO @ 09/01/2005 01:55 AM GMT0
  Bom ter um blog, é na maioria das vezes uma onda em cadeia;  no meu caso isso não foi bem assim, embora tenha também sido apanhado por essa onda de uma forma inesperada. O meu primeiro blog foi o Nietzsche / em Março de 2004, logo aí se vê que não, que não...

Posted by ranggapanji-2cent @ 08/05/2005 06:32 PM GMT7
white flag
It's hard to lose someone... Especially if you cannot be there just to say goodbye... Di tempat gw, penanda untuk rumah duka adalah bendera putih. Ente-ente orang-orang Jakarte mesti ngertinye pan bendera kuning. Whatever, lah. Kalo dipikir, putih berarti bersih. Maksudnya mungkin semoga orang...

Posted by A day in the Life @ 05/30/2005 12:10 PM GMT-8
I knew i'd resent owning a blog one day. Look at this shit! I cant even write! its pretentious and and... i suck at life. . Im so embarrassed.

Posted by wintercamp @ 05/01/2005 03:21 PM GMT6
When Aragorn was called a “stRANGER from Korea”
I should not be doing this for one co-teacher of mine can get me because of this. But nonetheless, my blog is all about the winter camp so I might as well include this next person I will write about in it. Plus, he is also one of my favorite students. Why not?   To begin with, there are not...

Posted by Firebolta @ 03/29/2005 09:20 PM GMT-7
Forbidden Love?...
MUSIC: Time In My Heart from Gravitation MOOD: It's only 9, so not that bad myself ON THE PC: Should be d/ling more songs ^_^ RUNNING OUT OF LUCK... I should say this once again.  I LOVE GRAVITATION'S MUSIC!!!  ALL OF IT!!!  Who cares if this story is about some rock band...

Posted by A Blog By Mich @ 03/17/2005 04:39 PM GMT10
There is only one word to describe my day... crap
well suprise suprise: I GOT INTO STATES!! yay, cheer cheer... -.- i'm know, i should have guessed this would happen; like ive always said as soon as anything gets good, everything becomes crap. i missed my tennis match against my friend's school because im sick; i haven't played tennis all...

Posted by Shierlyvacation @ 02/24/2005 11:09 AM GMT1
Indonesia "Jakarta - Ambon" April 2004
INDONESIA - JAKARTA                With our lovely family & friends       INDONESIA - AMBON         


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