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Posted by ranggapanji @ 12/15/2008 10:57 PM GMT7
my design. my bikes. my world.
Sebagai sesuatu yang holistik, setiap elemen penyusun terkecil dari sebuah rancangan arsitektur/interior memiliki andil dalam menentukan performanya sebagai sebuah wadah kegiatan, pernyataan status, maupun penentu nilai sebuah properti.Selayaknya sebuah sepeda, di mana setiap...

Posted by shalam @ 06/10/2008 09:06 AM GMT3.5
��ی��� �����ی

Posted by the_did @ 03/28/2008 01:21 AM GMT7
Never thought this could happenedWhen night and days become oneAnd love and hate collideThere's nothing less anymore to sayI can't feel you thereThough you were here with meAnd I become so numbWhen you look like a child with your toysI don't know what we always fighting forBut there is always a...

Posted by Nur Iman 2 @ 10/15/2007 09:26 AM GMT-8
Panas Tapi Macam Dalam Syurga ( Imbas Kembali
  "Panas Tapi Macam Dalam Syurga"( Ada sahabat-sahabat yang belum mengenali Pakcik Osman yang sentiasa segar dalam penulisan ana. Jadi, ana putarkan kembali kisah hidupnya yang pernah ana siarkan sebelum ini. Eid Mubarak Pakcik Osman. Wassalam )Setelah memeluk...

Posted by AJ china tour 07 @ 05/21/2007 06:35 PM GMT-8
AJ on Tour
Hello and welcome to my blog.During the 28th of April and 27th of may 2007My Girlfriend Maggie, her family and I, came to china for|one Hell of a Tour.The first week was a traditional chinese wedding in whichMags brother got married to a girl called Krystal.The wedding was sheer amazing.|Next...

Posted by Leafchick @ 02/17/2007 10:19 PM GMT-5
Busy Bee
I knew this was a terrible idea when I signed up for this...I'd kill a goldfish from lack of feeding if I had one. Lets see...I'm 28 weeks pregnant, again.  It's a boy, again.  I'm fat, again.  Ethan is awesome.  He talks a lot, more than his little friends and I'm so...

Posted by semuanya @ 02/05/2007 04:32 PM GMT7
feel so lazy,,,except if i hear the "ddr" music from outside.i will soon unlocked my room's door and go in front of TV.well, this is my to-do-list,1. read toefl2. do a toefl test3. read kanji4. wake up soon in the morning5. make "kebaya" for my graduation day6. finish the drawing for om ping's...

Posted by batutanahcycling @ 02/01/2007 01:19 PM GMT6
KUDUS DirtJump

Posted by roin@media-art @ 11/15/2006 02:13 PM GMT6
Pergola tanpa kaki
Nah rumah kat bawah da siap,pastuh lagik 4 hari tuan rumah nak buat open house dia sruh aku bikin pergola yg size 18' x 10'...aku designkan dlm satu hari dan present...tuh dia...dia suh aku buat dlm masa 3 hari...aku bagi syarat waktu keje kena spai malam lah bai...dia kata ok set!!! so drawing...

Posted by Maniac! @ 11/15/2006 12:14 PM GMT0
Juwita citra terindah!
Kau wanita aku lelaki...


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