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Posted by One Song Glory @ 09/23/2005 10:14 AM GMT-6
can't take it anymore.
i dont know. i dont have anyone to talk to and im going to let everyone down but thats kind of what im doing now, i think. im in too deep.

Posted by On Stage @ 08/23/2005 08:36 PM GMT-8
Kelly Preston
A beautiful and talented woman with compassion.  She has recently come forth and has given her views on the horrors of psychiatry and the drugging of children.  She has been an active Scientologist for many years and is proud of her family to whom she applies the technology she has...

Posted by VaL @ 08/23/2005 10:29 AM GMT-8
[mood] hopeful <3 [music] Giving It Away (Mae) this is all i have to say for now. and by the way, you brought me here it makes me believe the best is still yet to come and i dont want to leave.... introduced me to the moment but im looking to stay for...

Posted by courtney @ 08/16/2005 01:38 PM GMT-5
I sent u to this site because it would not let my copy what I had written last night so...yeaSo,….I wrote this yesterday…but because I didn’t have any internet….I figured I would still write what was going down, and then just paste it in…Yea….so….I am now in Maine. Um……….yes so, Friday,...

Posted by eccentricity @ 07/09/2005 08:44 PM GMT8
ive moved!go to bye-bye!!!

Posted by the good one @ 07/02/2005 02:22 PM GMT-5
I wish I were in London.
Bono got the words wrong on "Black bird"I hate Mtv SO much it's not even possible to even understand my hatred for it.All it is, is a bunch of stupid mid-20 year olds who were made to be "cool".All they do is read Cu-Cards.(sp?) and dress and act how they're told.They have NO idea what the fuck is...

Posted by i'm just a kid @ 06/13/2005 01:24 PM GMT-6
put up a fight
i miss looking forward to everything i thought we could be. i'm still the same fucking person. i'm still right here, waiting for you. to open up your stupid eyes and notice that i love you. i love you more than any other boy i've ever known. the idea of you being with anyone else puts so much...

Posted by A Lost Wonderland @ 06/02/2005 11:42 AM GMT-5
Back Bitches
SOOOOOO.... i pretty much NEVER use this anymore, but i deside i would like to add an entry. So heres an update.... -Got boyfriend...became dug addict -Grounded -BLAH BLAH BLAH -And now im a witch, smoke cigs, have a girl friend, and enjoy my own company. I think that covers WEll...

Posted by Love grows to die @ 05/30/2005 01:55 AM GMT-5
some1 dont have a firewall
God i love hacking blogs. they are sooooo easy. if you want your shit to be safe, invest in a good firewall DUMBASSES! this is the third blog today and i plan on more so dont get warm and snug about being safe online, BITCHES!!! thank you all, BLASKO the NERF

Posted by Spike Spiegel @ 05/04/2005 03:40 AM GMT-5
yet again not sleeping
I'm back.  But like all the other times that I feel the need to do something with this little thing it's the ass fuck early hours of the morning.  I dont think this is good for me because i know when i finally do go to bed im going to sleep until 1 or 2 maybe even 3. There is no real...


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