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Posted by Devil'z Advocate @ 02/14/2006 11:07 PM GMT8
first entry of the year
Happy V day! this place is so empty, not a lot of people know about this blog. my classmates dont. i haven't been blogging for almost a year. have been a little busy lately. i have lost contact with a lot of old friends. i miss everyone. i was so troubled with my life i neglected a lot of people....

Posted by A biatch's gripes @ 02/14/2006 01:36 AM GMT8
fscking v-day
v-day...venereal day. i wish all couples getting some this v-day, get themselves some std. hahahah. just kidding. for all it's worth, i was once happy too. and i was once one of them girls trying to capture into words her feelings for someone special. i'm so hating myself. i have never wanted...

Posted by A Day In The Life @ 01/26/2006 12:30 AM GMT-6
Heres a little about me
1. Ive dated a grand total of 5 girls 2. Ive had sex with 1, the one I trusted most.  And that wasnt till i was 17 3. Every one I treated like a princess 4. I spend my nights staring at the moon thinking what I could do that would sweep her off her feet. 5. I fall in love at first...

Posted by SWARRAYKUNDA @ 12/14/2005 06:26 AM GMT-8
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Posted by Hello_Kitty @ 12/12/2005 11:15 AM GMT-7
DIsco Lessons

Posted by alumni @ 12/04/2005 10:43 PM GMT-8
Kenal Alumni
Sahriar SetiawanGeoscientistAl-Salam tower 3rd floorPO BOX 8746Doha, QatarTelp: +974 483 6282Fax: +974 5680 126HP: +974 5700674 Mas Sahriar ini adalah alumni MS Vollendan angkatan 1975-1980. Sekarang ia berkecimpung di dunia yang jauh berbeda dengan dunia kapal pesiar. Sekarang tinggal di...

Posted by glynis @ 10/31/2005 01:17 AM GMT-5
the level of nerdiness is astounding!i'm sure shawn among other senior senile TIPsters would other news, my driving partner is the best friend of a prostitute, and she purportedly smokes like a chimney, and one time very brightly and sweetly told us this story about her aunt who was...

Posted by Music Rulez @ 10/13/2005 03:50 PM GMT7
What a hell of a day!
hey ppl...i juz came back from school...and looking at Nerice's website gave me some "inspiration" to write what happened in school today... i dont usually do this often but i'll give it a go.. this entry is for my frens anyway... and from now on, every memory shud be recorded down..i mean......

Posted by Collision @ 09/14/2005 07:01 PM GMT-5
Day 9- The Shit Hits the Fan
Today is the last day of shooting. We're just doing pick-up shots today and then returns (truck, equipment, etc.) The plan is to have Gabe (the driver) meet Jeff and me at our house and drop off our stuff. Then we meet Ted at his studio/storage space and drop off his stuff. Then Ted and I will...

Posted by One Song Glory @ 09/23/2005 10:14 AM GMT-6
can't take it anymore.
i dont know. i dont have anyone to talk to and im going to let everyone down but thats kind of what im doing now, i think. im in too deep.


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