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Posted by Heritage Guard @ 09/02/2007 08:38 AM GMT-5
Routine Check offs
Ladies, Please do not be nervous. You have routine check offs Tuesday.They will be in front of me and which ever captain does that part of the show with you. So, if you are on Sabre, Mindy will be watching, if you are on Flag, Holly will be watching.Just relax, you know the work. It is just us...

Posted by let go, jump in.. @ 05/05/2007 05:32 AM GMT-5
If you want her... <i>show her</i>.
It's 5:45 am. I was fast asleep down here in the family room, woke up to my laptop that was dead (batteries), so I plugged it in and instead of going right back upstairs to sleep, I felt like going online first. I'm a loser. But I feel like writin' in this. Tomorrow (, my sister...

Posted by Pockets @ 02/28/2007 04:55 PM GMT-6
It's not so easy...

Posted by Daniela @ 09/26/2006 03:43 PM GMT-6
I have succomed...
http://skeletal_dee.livejourna It has NOT been formatted to my liking yet, but please add yourselves as friends as you see fit. (Someone is going to need to HELP me customize this thing. It's SO UGLY right now.) I guess this will be my last Blogdrive entry.... (What am I supposed to feel?)

Posted by hyperashell @ 09/25/2006 06:09 AM GMT-8
holy shit
i havent been on this site in about a year or 2 maybe... wow reading those entries... i sound retarted god im glad i grew the fuck up... ha life sucks and then u die

Posted by S*T*Y*L*E @ 09/17/2006 10:20 PM GMT-8
<h4>On a hiatus...</h4>
If u are reading this then u must either be bored out of ur mind which reflects how I feel at this point in time. Or u cud actually think that I may have something to write that is worth reading... Well.. it's been sum time since i blog again.. Lotsa things happen self denial should never be an...

Posted by Keana in the Box @ 07/14/2006 12:40 PM GMT-10
Some Fun Tutorials
      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;    Here is A fun & Easy tutorial that I...

Posted by Ladyhawke @ 07/07/2006 02:31 AM GMT-8
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Posted by my thoughtz @ 07/02/2006 04:21 AM GMT-5
am i bothered?

Posted by Let Beauty Awake @ 05/31/2006 08:50 PM GMT-5
...and the sign said the words of the phopets are written on the subway walls.
seems like theres a lot of songs about signs.  so screw grayson.  i <3 his brother addison.  lucky for me he's my boyfriend. oh yeah and...OH MY GOD!  3 DAYS OF HIGH SCHOOL LEFT! holy shit... kisses


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