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Posted by apahal @ 06/06/2008 03:08 AM GMT8
UMNO = Penjajah Malaysia
Bandingkan dengan harga petrol Malaysia.

Posted by andrewup @ 07/17/2006 03:07 PM GMT-8
WASHINGTON-- Fire out at building next to White House
Firefighters quickly doused a two-alarm fire Wednesday in the historic Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Bush was relieved that it was white smoke since: "Black smoke means The Supreme Court has chosen a new President."

Posted by Unknown @ 10/18/2007 07:41 PM GMT11.5
Alamin ang dahilan bakit ko tinapon ang cellphone sa hagdanan
Isang araw mayroon akong cellphone na vodafone, bigay saakin, pero ang tanong ko sa nagbigay saakin anong gagawin ko dito? wala naman akong ka-textmate, uubusin lang ang pera ko para sa 300 prepaid load, nag-eexpire, at bakit pa kinakailangan akong guluhin ng SMART para sabihin saakin na may...

Posted by CognitiveRendezvo @ 09/30/2007 03:39 PM GMT-6
Coming to an end (or growing up)
After 5+ years of having this blog, I am sad to say that the time has come to end it. As I've entered into the "professional" world of grad school, I realize the importance of being careful about  what I write. While I still love to write about my personal life, I feel I can no longer do...

Posted by Letters to Kalki @ 12/29/2006 02:19 PM GMT6.5
a missionary effort?
O Light That Shineth in Darkness, Which Comprehendeth It Not: For some time I have wondered if the obvious moral and spiritual vacuity of America might be ameliorated somewhat by our sending in missionaries, to educate the poor unenlightened masses here, and ease them out of the hole they have...

Posted by Super Rugby @ 11/10/2006 09:34 AM GMT10
Aus v Wales: Euro Tour 06
Well... what an interesting start to the European tour.  Let's hope no one else was watching the final 10 minutes of the first half of the Wales v Aus game. Such a great start was ruined by a loss of focus.  Hopefully the items in the "what's been working for us" column outweigh the...

Posted by ufafo-watchblog @ 08/22/2006 08:09 AM GMT-8
bis auf weiteres!

Posted by Eloquence Lost @ 02/28/2006 11:54 AM GMT-5
Why am I always so dead inside? Why can nothing ever satisfy me for long, make me forget the deadness for more than a moment? Why does the gaping maw inside me have to destroy everything? Why can't it just let me rest? It hurts. It hurts everything, and everyone. It dictates what I do, what...

Posted by The Bookshelf @ 08/14/2005 02:11 PM GMT-6
All the best lines come from literature
Having read until the wee hours of the morning, I made it all the way to Book 2. It's BORING, okay? I've discovered that I really, really dislike the main character. However, I'm smart enough to recognize that I'm supposed to think he's kind of a prat. Sadly, this makes me hate myself for hating...

Posted by sesquipedalian @ 11/01/2004 12:39 PM GMT-8
Predictions, scorecard
My predictions Scorecard My predictions are based on the polling data from October 30th/31st, and also take into account the last four presidential elections (weighing each election more or less depending on how many years it's been since that election, with 1988 worth the least and 2000...


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