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Posted by Bonnachatorium @ 08/05/2006 12:07 AM GMT-5
I don't have a clue...
To what they're talking about, but you must must MUST watch the video.  It's memelicious!

Posted by MissMew @ 07/13/2006 03:03 PM GMT-5
Listening to teardrops
I woke up at 7:00 am this morning, listening to the sound of crying. Shashi was crying... According to her, Ryan has been shipped off to the grand ole state of NJ. M: Jersey? Why Jersey? S: I don't know, he said there's this play in NJ that he has to go to.. I'm so sad Mew! M: I've never seen...

Posted by PhiloNysh @ 04/21/2006 02:18 AM GMT0
Having had enough pf Blogdrive (I've been here ages), I've decided to move on. You can now find me at: or just click here Bye bye Blogdrive. It was nice knowing you *hugs* Thanks to my loyal visitors and commentors. Please do not hesitate to visit the new site.Oh, and if...

Posted by Ship In A Bottle @ 12/27/2005 12:22 AM GMT-5
Christmas 2005
  Son of a bitch. I hate hypocritical people more than anything.   Anyway, Christmas came and went andddd I didn't even get the phone call I wanted. On a happier note I got a basketball goal, two, actually.

Posted by Cidadão Conscient @ 11/24/2005 11:53 PM GMT-3
Primeiro teste
Realizando um teste.testeteste

Posted by turpentine @ 05/23/2005 02:53 PM GMT-6
*sigh* I feel miserable.... I know my friend's husband is kind of a whore.... but... yah know... I figured that his flirting with me was just to irk me.And it probably still is. He knows I wouldn't go that far sober.... but... holy FUCK! I can't stop thinking about how hot it made me....That is...

Posted by A child of God @ 04/24/2005 03:02 AM GMT-8
If you know these words by heart
  you've got that look in your eye like maybe you'll throw your hands up in the air and say, forget it, forget it all i think maybe you hate complications and verifications that maybe you hate confrontations endings and perhaps the color blue we could discuss Hume or...

Posted by Christiney's Blog @ 02/02/2005 02:56 AM GMT-5
Happy Birthday, Lor!       ; I'm so excited that it's Lauren's birthday today! The big nineteen! I feel like it was yesterday that I just turned eighteen and here she comes stealing my thunder lol. It's okay I'll forgive her... perhaps...      Anyway,...

Posted by Alexis Lathulerie @ 11/26/2004 12:40 PM GMT-8
About Me.
Alexis Lathulerie.Man, Male, 53.I like Current events, Music and humble people. 408-426-8217Email:lat banker88854@gmai debtcollector2@netzero. elnegro33@ Ba nker - Banquero.Links. Enlaces. ...

Posted by sesquipedalian @ 11/01/2004 12:39 PM GMT-8
Predictions, scorecard
My predictions Scorecard My predictions are based on the polling data from October 30th/31st, and also take into account the last four presidential elections (weighing each election more or less depending on how many years it's been since that election, with 1988 worth the least and 2000...


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