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Posted by apahal @ 06/06/2008 03:08 AM GMT8
UMNO = Penjajah Malaysia
Bandingkan dengan harga petrol Malaysia.

Posted by mivida manifesto @ 06/28/2005 02:27 AM GMT-8
If I had something to write about, I'd update. Life is still the same... I'm sure I could be specific and more writerful, but I'm just not in the mood right now. I've been working 7 days a week the past three weeks. Kill me now, I'm so tired. Plus combine that with my running routine and I'm...

Posted by Crazy River Deux @ 05/03/2005 02:28 PM GMT-8
Handjobs are the New Handshake
I stole this from Andy who stole it from Lez. If you'd fill it out I'd greatly Appreciate it. Thanks, you wonderful jerks. WHAT IF.... » I committed suicide: » I said I liked you: » I kissed you: » I lived next door to you: » I started smoking: » I stole something: » I was...

Posted by effusivelyme @ 11/09/2004 10:49 PM GMT-6
yeah Yeah Yeah, I KNOW.. ANOTHER NEW ONE. I'M SORRY!!! I just get sick of layouts very easily!! lol. So live with it!! But here's the link.. www.unfoldedstories.blogdrive .com !! CHECK IT OUT! :)


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