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Politics (new)


Posted by Philippine Times @ 01/07/2005 05:55 PM GMT8
Still Anonymous
Let's admit it. Blogging is just some form of ego-massage. It is just an excuse for us to trash away our thoughts, writing and uploading me-I-centric musings (and sometimes, senseless crap) in the net for the sake of having and setting up a blog. In short, nakikiuso . We write in our blogs just...

Posted by jones isabela 7 @ 12/13/2004 02:10 AM GMT7
I have always wanted to meet in person Governor Grace Padaca. Well, who does'nt? Who does not want to meet, or see in person, the accountant-broadcaster who valiantly fought and won the race for governorship in Isabela in the last elections. About two months ago, Lemo Pandongan have been...

Posted by jones isabela 3 @ 12/08/2004 02:05 PM GMT7
The Barangays of Jones and the Punong Barangays of "Kapitan"
Noel M. Anoling - Abulan Ruben M. Hidalgo - Addalam   Roger S. Salvador - Arubub   Joseph D. Cariaga - Bannawag   Recto M. Gaffud - Bantay   Glicerio D. Abad - Barangay 01   Onofra G. Pablo - Barangay 02   Santiago R. Navarro, Sr. -...

Posted by Satyagraha @ 12/06/2004 06:09 AM GMT-5
Unfortunatly, Chomsky May Be Wrong
"Understanding Power" is by far the best overview of noam chomsky's incredible intellect and piercing analysis. i recommended it. it covers just about everything. the only downside is that its based on lectures from, i believe, 1980, so it doesn't cover more recent events. But just about all of his...

Posted by Watching America @ 11/02/2004 01:48 PM GMT-4
A Canadian watching the US election
It is US election day and I fear, the moment of truth not just for Americans, but for the rest of us as well. The thing that has my panties in a twist is how the race could even be close.Bush stands for an outlook on the world that goes against all good reason. He vows to fight the terrorists in...

Posted by Pretty Kitty @ 10/24/2004 07:48 PM GMT-5
First Blog Ever
Hmmm... I have alot of work to do, but so far, i have a little bit of entertainment. Meet my wonderful poll.

Posted by Pentwater @ 03/04/2004 08:28 AM GMT-6
Jerome's free verse
March 2, 2004 A dim light from the darkened fog shines my windbreaker. The mud sticks to my blue shoes as I struggle to walk freely. The light breeze hits my cold, wet face. It's spring all right.


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