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Politics (new)


Posted by Impossible Shot @ 01/08/2006 10:40 PM GMT-5

Posted by TarBaby @ 12/24/2005 11:49 PM GMT-6
It's Been A While
You might wonder what I have been up to. Well I've been working on a new group blog using WordPress as a blog engine. Just for your info the blog is Unspunblog. Yeah, our own domain and all the works. WordPress has a much higher learning curve than blogdrive. But I see they have made quite a few...

Posted by My Two Cents @ 09/03/2005 05:09 PM GMT-8
Two Fat Cents
Some days are fatter than others.

Posted by jones isabela @ 08/26/2005 06:53 PM GMT7
Bingo Game in Diarao
THE NEW GAME IN TOWN for the folks of Jones, Isabela, is bingo-- at least while "jueteng" operations are suspended, or so it is reported. (Philippine Daily Inquirer, Page 1, 24 August 2005.) (Click here to read the reaction of the Sangguniang Bayan of Jones)

Posted by TheRick @ 06/19/2005 02:40 PM GMT-8
'How To' Lesson No.154: Create a Moroccan Town
-First things first, you need dirt. This is an all-purpose ingredient and it goes with everything. The ground can only be two things; dirt and concrete. Grass, while it is present, is completely accidental outside the king's many vast palaces. -Next you must decide how large and/or important...

Posted by Shards of Verse @ 05/28/2005 06:40 PM GMT-8
Poetry that tells my soul
Poems that opened a vein of ink. byMelinda Pillsbury-Foster1.Ode to IdentityI am myselfNo image, no reflection, no excuseI am myselfI live and think and makeTake the day for what it isTake the night for what it givesI am myselfBorn to be unsure and strivingBorn to vanquish dark and lyingBorn to cry...

Posted by *shattered soul* @ 04/08/2005 11:45 PM GMT-8
Some cool sites
Cool to look at DNS Stuff Send an email to you future self Seven Wonders's just cool Typorganism Your Amazing Brain  

Posted by New Wineskins @ 03/07/2005 05:32 PM GMT2
Let's start at the very beginning
Sometimes we make faith so much more complicated than it really is. Our faith is grounded in the ordinary. Planting an olive tree in my back garden, wondering if I have chosen the right place, imagining the late summer day years ahead when I go out and pick glossy black olives to be cured in a...

Posted by jones isabela 5 @ 01/28/2005 11:19 AM GMT7
Get Wet!
Jones has a lot of ecotourism potentials waiting to be developed. Right now the famous place for water-based activites is the Diduyan River which is a tributary to the Cagayan River, the country's largest. During summer (or when it is not rainy season), the sector of the Diduyan River near...

Posted by Philippine Times @ 01/07/2005 05:55 PM GMT8
Still Anonymous
Let's admit it. Blogging is just some form of ego-massage. It is just an excuse for us to trash away our thoughts, writing and uploading me-I-centric musings (and sometimes, senseless crap) in the net for the sake of having and setting up a blog. In short, nakikiuso . We write in our blogs just...


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