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Posted by Osmotic Maelstrom @ 08/24/2006 06:53 PM GMT-5
courting controversy part the first
What's the reason for instinctively wanting to help and protect the old and frail?  In an evolutionary sense - aren't they functionally useless?"They possess wisdom beyond our years" - I hear people say.  But we have computers and recording devices.  We can have a record of...

Posted by Learning to live @ 08/23/2006 01:20 AM GMT7
Last Dance
Final Part of Decalogue All that we've seen All we ever heard Will be carved upon our memory we're living on The reality, is bigger than me... The truth I can't understand The world without an utopia I am so small, so fragile... Meaningless despair On a throne of mysery So much in...

Posted by Draw the Line @ 07/31/2006 09:38 PM GMT6
Time to Draw the Line...Once more
      ; Hiatus? Do we think the battle-royale for the political supremacy cooled off? Or just maximizing this momentary cessation to pull off yet a momentum of explosives? Plainly shunning off, or maybe swayed by the standoff that riffed the pandemonic mantra in the...

Posted by Dark Skies @ 07/18/2006 02:56 AM GMT-5
David Addington: Dictator's Lawyer
Washington insiders call David Addington the most powerful person in the Bush adminstration whom the public doesn't know anything about.  He refuses to have his photo taken by the media and refuses interviews by the press.  He doesn't give public speeches, but prefers to work...

Posted by Behind the Scenes @ 05/23/2006 04:18 AM GMT-8
Ann Arbor Paper Music Review
Call ma and circle the wagons: Yonder Mountain String Band ain't quite bluegrass no more. An electric guitar and drum set have been added to the band, and some songs have a folk-rock tint. Diehard fans and bluegrass purists may get their overalls in a knot over this break with the traditional ¡§all...

Posted by Business School @ 04/13/2006 09:24 AM GMT7
Information and Communication Technology Seminar (ICTS) 2006
The 2nd Information and Communication Technology Seminar (ICTS) 2006 is aninternational forum organized by Informatics Department, Faculty ofInformation Technology, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS).The Seminar will be held on August 29th, 2006 at Graha SepuluhNopember ITS Surabaya,...

Posted by The Redhat Report @ 03/07/2006 10:57 PM GMT-6
The Dubai Port Deal
The Lowdown A British based company, ferry and port operator P&O(The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company) announces the possibility of a takeover deal on October 30, 2005. On November 29, 2005, it was that shown  that a company owned by the Dubai...

Posted by Al-Kisah Network @ 02/13/2006 02:22 AM GMT7
Sudah Lama
Sudah terlalu lama   Dia Hanya berslogan saja Rasuah hendak dibanterasnya Tapi malangnya Itu semua Adalah tipu belaka   Dia Tidak membisu seribu bahasa Pabila Aset negara Telah tiada Angkara Menantu durjana   Dia Tidak berdaya Setelah kehilangan insan...

Posted by Impossible Shot @ 01/08/2006 10:40 PM GMT-5

Posted by TarBaby @ 12/24/2005 11:49 PM GMT-6
It's Been A While
You might wonder what I have been up to. Well I've been working on a new group blog using WordPress as a blog engine. Just for your info the blog is Unspunblog. Yeah, our own domain and all the works. WordPress has a much higher learning curve than blogdrive. But I see they have made quite a few...


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