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Gay and lesbian lifestyles


Posted by Chones! @ 02/22/2005 10:56 PM GMT-10
so... it's been a while
so i did several things today that i haven't done in quite some time... 1. cute without the "e" 2. told someone about it 3. purged into my notebook i've got little nicks on my right wrist, inner thighs, between the breasts (more sensitive than i expected)... i actually told mikey about...

Posted by just natalie @ 01/14/2005 03:24 PM GMT-6
 It is finally done! My solo CD, hymnsoul, is a finished project! You can now buy copies through me by email, phone or at my salon. You can also buy it from the shop at Cafe Press that I will tell you about below. Hopefully , soon, my web guy can get a paypal working on my ...

Posted by DAVID @ 01/06/2005 03:20 PM GMT0
Christmas gets less fun every year!
That title may seem a bit ebernezzar scroogesque but it does!  The older I've got the more of a chore christmas seems to be!  My bank balance is at an all-time low of -£1500 (-$2814). Am working weekends back at the bar I remember so 'fondly' in earlier entries! But on the plus...

Posted by D'Ramblings @ 11/28/2004 02:22 PM GMT12
Of Veggies Thought Of...
To Carrot: Throughout my day I find myself thinking of u. Every nite as I drift off 2 sleep, you're the one on my mind. And first thing in the morning b4 I stretch and greet a new day, yup - u - first thing on my mind. Crazy hey, but I like it. Someone offered me half their stick of gum...

Posted by Mootar's Asylum @ 10/24/2004 02:25 AM GMT-6
i broke up with jason
i broke up with jason tonight, there had been a number of problems, then with me being sick the last few days i have had a lot of time to think about it. he would not kiss me in public i knew it was over when at my place with sarah and her boyfriend watching a movie, i started making out with...

Posted by My Life Chapters @ 09/08/2004 05:03 PM GMT-8
The beauty of music
Today was the first day of school and I havn't felt this lonely for a long time. Once again all of my friends moved on to highschool and I'm still stuck behind... god. Once again I have Mrs. Robinson stuck in my head, good song. Its good to listen to when I'm pissed, too. I studied Yann Tierson's...

Posted by dunia_mimpi @ 09/08/2004 05:18 AM GMT-8
Ah Uh
Begitu cintaku padamu SEGARNYAAAAAA! > art of man! kayak aku dan dia, heheheehehe arghhhhhhh hhhhh

Posted by scarsNlove @ 08/12/2004 12:55 PM GMT-7
Well here we go
well this is a new one for me. lets see my life is fucked no job no money lost my place grr it could be worse but its hell being here as well living with my b/fs  fam i dont know them that well but thats not the problem its not having any money its not having a job i must go...

Posted by MeKoBloG @ 07/27/2004 11:53 PM GMT1
Me piro a blogspot!
Pos eso, que me he cambiado de casa pq si, pq blogdrive cada dia estan mas cacas y oye, yo me piro.... bueno, en realidad me marxo pq se me han cruzado los cables, todo sea dicho, no tengo ninguna queja de blogdrive excepto ahora, que ultimamente me estaba dando algunos fallos, pero bueno, que a mi...

Posted by Tainted Rose @ 07/18/2004 03:42 PM GMT-8
Shine on Me
These are some lyrics from a song that I really like by Curse Icon.....To hear the song go to onFrames.html Go to 'Music' click on 'Shine on Me' SHINE ON ME How many windows, must I crawl through Before I can see to the...


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