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Gay and lesbian lifestyles


Posted by Mezarc Da Diva @ 11/03/2005 08:43 PM GMT8
Thank God It’s Friday Tomorrow
Hours of sleep: 3 (not including the times I slept at work and while in traffic) Music du jour: "Hung Up" by Madonna   What I’ve been up to for the past days…   Friday (October 28) - Had great dinner at Yahoo Metrowalk. The food is amazing (not for the faint-hearted literally) but...

Posted by Edge Of Nowhere @ 10/04/2005 12:05 AM GMT-6
i need a hug
music: mariah carey~ i still believe remix mood: i have no idea i need a hug...

Posted by Inside my mind @ 09/29/2005 01:26 AM GMT-7
tired but alive..
Well, its like 1:18am. lol. im going to go to bed soon. Christopher has an appointment tommorow at 10:00 to see an optomologist. I pray all is well. Then on Friday, he had an MRI. Its alittle scary, but i know everything will be alright. Im just being a mummy:).  I have some new pictures of...

Posted by RG-supporeters @ 09/27/2005 12:18 PM GMT1
Aktivitet på overgangsmarkede?
Rettslig grunnlag var sent ute på overgangsmarkedet i sommer, og fikk derfor ikke skaffet seg noen nye spillere i løpet av transfervinduet. Klubben har imidlertid jobbet jevnt og trutt og har hatt flere spillere på prøvespill. Utsiktene til å forsterke laget ved et eventuelt opprykk ser lovende...

Posted by borjstalker @ 08/24/2005 05:34 PM GMT8

Posted by Home Truths @ 08/23/2005 10:09 AM GMT2
Resisting envy
The office blissfully empty as I go on dashing down entries before starting to rework the supplement pages. Gratutude my old ally coming to rescue the morning – so glad to har Ula’s voice on the phone. She is fine but taking our ancient little cat to the vet because he isn’t lifting his tail and...

Posted by Queerio @ 08/21/2005 03:05 AM GMT-8
There's this new guy that I'm crushing on. I think it's just hormones but whatever. He's just fucking cute. He loves sports, is really intelligent (according to a reliable source. OK so i kind of stalked him), and has a great body. Gosh, I'm getting all sweaty just thinking about him. So I...

Posted by .:Jonathan:. @ 08/01/2005 07:04 PM GMT-5
well last night i got busted, i can no longer drive my car because, simply, i am a fuck up.. well thats enough about that, dont comment on it because i do not want to talk about it. i got my schedual today for school    1. Chemistry  2. Pyschology/Sociology  3. US...

Posted by vang @ 07/04/2005 06:04 PM GMT8
Things getting obvious (and worse to me) after thailand. Day 1 (Thursday) Even though i hope he'll call me first, but never. I took initiate step and made a call. Chat limited to his thailand trip only. I darent express my miss. Seems like we dont share a common topic. Day 2...

Posted by Pieces Of ME @ 06/21/2005 10:14 PM GMT-5
so, lizbian is apparently going to mexico. sweet! crossin the border tomorrow morning.. yea. she's gonna buy me some chapstick from a spanish wal*mart!! how aMaZiNg is that?!


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