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Gay and lesbian lifestyles


Posted by Ensaios @ 01/24/2008 08:11 PM GMT-3
Águas de Janeiro
Chove lá fora. Chove cada vez mais aqui dentro,       ;    onde a água não transpassa as janelas da minha alma. A lágrima não rola por minha face       ;    e sem conseguir dar vazão, me inunda...

Posted by Songbird Ivory @ 11/23/2007 06:55 PM GMT-6
Summer Harvest
              She scooted across the cool leather seats of her mother’s minivan and tumbled out the door into the wet, warm air, her feet sinking into the grass. The dew slipped between the openings in her huaraches so the soles of her feet...

Posted by STEPS @ 10/28/2007 10:55 PM GMT7
*sigh*... cuman ingin highlight aja dikit, bukan nge-highlight rambut gue maksudnya, tapi cuma sekelumit mengenai awal suatu perjalanan yang dimulai sepuluh tahun yang lalu.  A decade already *sigh again*... It was started somewhere in October 1997. Beberapa waktu sebelumnya gua baru aja...

Posted by living water @ 09/30/2007 05:25 AM GMT-8
Isn't it funny...
    Isn't it funny that most of gay men are so busy with their appearance, spending hours and hours in the fitness centre to boost their muscles mass and finally look like a thousand clone of Arnold Schwarzenegger :-), as if it compensates the lack of confidence or just to confirm...

Posted by Ravens_Page @ 06/27/2007 11:19 PM GMT-5
I've come a long way !
SO, things are finally looking up for us. It's been a long long time since I've been here. Guess you all thought I fell offf the earth or something. Truth be told, we lost our cable due to our finacial situations. Bear still suffers from severe back pain, but at leat now she can work again part...

Posted by Starseed Annie @ 02/05/2007 04:04 PM GMT-6
I need to be content with what you choose...
I don't feel any better, in fact, I feel worse... but knowing that no one ever reads this piece of crap anymore lets me vent out things, and 'throw' the away... Jackie's been trying to contact me again... ha, that's kind of funny, I went to type "Jackie" and ended up typing "Kaci"... >.o I...

Posted by missingmax @ 02/03/2007 03:19 PM GMT7
and he doesn't change
     he moves from one place to another     ; seemingly higher, seemingly better     but changes, he never     no matter how far you have travelled   &nb sp; the most important...

Posted by Yoshke's Old Blog @ 11/04/2006 03:34 PM GMT8
    Please proceed to   Yoshke Dimen's official blog.    

Posted by Broken Redundance @ 07/28/2006 01:07 AM GMT-5
I have trouble sometimes expressing exactly what I feel. It's a bit frustrating. What is even more frustrating is knowing that any attempt will most likely be misunderstood and result in an argument with Josh. I get so stressed and a lot of times I just wanna walk away. I'm tired of it. SO tired....

Posted by As Days Fade @ 07/18/2006 10:19 AM GMT-5
Come On Now! Follow Me!!!
Alright, so I've decided to leave blogdrive behind for a little bit and make my home on a new site...for now at least.  So, if you wouldn't mind, everyone please get up from your seats and form two side by side lines, grab the hand of the person right next to you, this will be your "buddy,"...


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