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Posted by Nachosan @ 09/05/2006 09:23 PM GMT1
Jardin Botnico -Buenos Aires-
Toma una senda y siguela... caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar... Pierdete en un parque... y no mires atrs... te pueden estar esperando... vuela alto, no te detengas... porque ms dura ser la cada... pero si ya lo conseguiste todo... podrs volver... vuelve...

Posted by ::huxum:: @ 07/19/2006 11:24 PM GMT0
g 'etta
g etta blogg og tla a eiga a fram - svo a g skrifi ekkert hr.

Posted by The Sea Inside @ 07/07/2006 01:39 PM GMT5.5
C Inside - Part 2
That was a long break! And it included the first week of hectic activity after joining here, thanks to the crazy 2nd-year batch.Things are settling down now. Though life will probably get busier once the 2nd-year guys get free after their mid-terms. I have been enjoying the courses, and most of...

Posted by Hada En Neverland @ 09/01/2008 04:04 AM GMT-5
Bueno, contra todo pronostico esta hada ha decidido volver a escribir.. el 2006 deje este blog en stand-by siempre pensando "manhana posteo" y con los dias casi lo olvide.. hoy ya han pasado 28 meses desde q intercambie mis privilegios magicos y el cielo nublado de lima por la humedad de...

Posted by Baby Doll @ 04/20/2006 03:15 PM GMT-6
Sang Real
I am reading a famous book right now, a book wrought with controversy and theories of conspiracies. It is called "The Da Vinci Code." I am more than half way through the book but not quite done. The thing is that the more I read, the more I wonder what the fate of the world would had been like had...

Posted by et oe @ 04/08/2006 10:43 AM GMT8
The End
OblogdriveӥH|Aupd ated lu....... ]T: 1.ýX (QڻYdýXO`Jh:ht tp:// /page/windyc)       ;      ;      ; 2.]Yxanga, NH;...

Posted by France2006 @ 03/07/2006 05:09 PM GMT-6
  Interactive Itinerary: A version of our itinerary with links to researchable sites at each point of interest. This provides us with a virtual chance to go through our trip and refresh our knowledge of these parts of the world we will visit. Arming ourselves...

Posted by HimalayanWind @ 01/12/2006 05:06 AM GMT5.5
View from my room balcony on Eid dusk This conveys little of the experience though, since you can't listen to the sound of birds as they return home, and the distant call of azaan by the muezzin in a mosque downhill. This azaan has become an indicator of my schedule...

Posted by Ulss dagbok @ 12/02/2005 06:19 AM GMT1
Thailand - Bangkok
Tjenare!! For alla vinter alskare sa har jag bara hutter, hutter att saga. Sjalv trivs vi nere i 33 graders varme i Bangkok, ar pa vag till Singapore i dag for att sedan vanda upp mot Malaysia igen efter nagra dagar. Blir nog i Thailand och landerna runt, fram till slutet pa Februari for...

Posted by der wanderjahr @ 10/23/2005 12:52 PM GMT-8
fooled you!
So yeah, there's a reason I haven't updated this blog in like 8 months. It's because I got a better, privately hosted, one over here at the tribal underground. You can get to it here:21st Century Soap-BoxingSo go now ye intrepid adventurers and catch up on what's new in the life of a lolo since...


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