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Posted by D's in Korea?!?! @ 06/15/2008 02:15 AM GMT9
My dog, Nuts!
This is my dog, Nuts.  He's a super dog. :)  He enjoys all kinds of play whoever or whatever is willing, and he also enjoys cuddling and trying to stare endlessly into your eyes.  He's 10 months old and called a piebald coloration, which is more rare than your red and black...

Posted by madZ @ 04/01/2008 01:50 AM GMT8
gonna miss used-to_be-mine laptop..
ya ampun...sekarang ni dah pukul 1.00 pagi..buat kali terakhir aku menggunakan laptop ini..laptop ni dpat since last year kan..aah masa tu aku and intan kena angkut pc letak dlm meeting room tu..hahah..besar bagak tapi still angkut ke dalam itu bilik. Then, sronok dpt guna laptop sama2 dgn...

Posted by Benny @ 03/23/2008 09:09 AM GMT1
TURmässan, Göteborg
Hallojsen! Sänder en sen hälsning från mej till alla som var hos oss i montern på TURmässan. Det är alltid lika roligt o träffa så många likasinnade. Jag får inte glömma tacka för hjälpen heller, ingen nämnd ingen glömd!! Intresset är otroligt stort för resor i allmänhet o givetvis Rosa...

Posted by jez @ 09/02/2007 02:17 AM GMT2
<img src=""> A Bochum.
La noticia es que a partir del próximo martes 4 de Septiembre viviré en Alemania. Se trata de un viaje de trabajo con el equipo que desarrolla parte de la N-Gage para Nokia en Bochum. Estaré allí cuatro meses (hasta las vacaciones de Navidad), aunque seguiré visitando Helsinki una vez al mes.Bochum...

Posted by hannie @ 08/02/2007 07:22 PM GMT8
living a life full of surprising events would really make u feel and say, "lilipas din un." why? one day, ill find myself so so tired of waking up each day, doing the same thing all over again.. but then i try to look on thje brighter side, that not everyday, it'll be different . i am praying that...

Posted by bubbles @ 05/28/2007 03:41 PM GMT2
ignorance is bliss?
avastasin, et minu sotsiaalne närvikava on pea täiesti olematu, ehk täpsemalt viibinud siiani talveunes, õndsas teadmatuses (loe: ükskõiksuses)Tean ju ometi, et kuskil siinsamas Tallinnas on lapsed näljas, ja et on neid, keda keegi ei saada kooli ning et narkoprobleem kasvab riigil üle pea, vaesus...

Posted by FUNKYPANTS @ 05/15/2007 01:31 AM GMT7
life is good with or without you
i may want to wish friends of mine who is getting married. wish all the joy in all your life. AMINBERKAHWINLAH dgn pasanganmu itu kerana kejujuran dan keikhlasanmu,Bahagiakanlah kamu berdua dgn sinaran Rahmat Allah,hmm...seronok rasa nak kawin ni. bila dah kawin come the challange....

Posted by overseas @ 03/05/2007 01:18 AM GMT-8
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Kota pantai di tepi barat Mexico itu sungguh indah. Pohon nyiur berderet di tepian pantainya, menyatu dengan tata kota yang campuran Spanyol dan Mexico. Angin laut meniup perlahan mengajak pepohonan untuk menari di sepanjang Banderas bay.   Menyebut tanjung Banderas, pikiran kita langsung...

Posted by Lost In Japan @ 01/14/2007 07:38 PM GMT10
The Last One
Hi everyone, So this is it, the last time you will hear from me in japan sniff sniff...Lost in Japan is now officially closed. Its been great here, even though sure, I did stay  for 2 years longer than I intended to but I will surely miss Japan as much as I am missing Oz right now. So enjoy...

Posted by TrampolineTravels @ 09/23/2006 06:46 PM GMT0
All is well
Well!  Sorry it's been so long, we should have warned you, but we left Cape Coast on tuesday and haven't been anywhere near an intrrnet cafe since, so there was no opportunity.  Sorry for worrying you!So, what have we been up to?  On Monday, as Nicki noted, we went to the...


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