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Posted by SWATDOG @ 11/11/2003 03:01 PM GMT-8
Plane ticket to California:  $300 Drinks on the plane:  $12 Tour of San Francisco:  $20 Getting you picture taken while deep-throating a corn-dog on Pier...

Posted by Stuff n Nonsense @ 11/07/2003 10:01 AM GMT-6
It is cold in Wisconsin!  I am not ready for it to be so frigid! Out with the winter jackets! Out with the winter hats!  Where are those gloves? Sheesh. Still waiting for my Harley.  Sometimes it doesn't seem real, not having the bike itself.  Feels like someone is just...

Posted by XjrlX120 @ 11/03/2003 07:25 PM GMT-5
about u know who
I can't really explain it I'm so into you now, I want to be more than a friend of you now When they ask, I mention my baby girl in the interviews now And I don't bring the problems from the 90's into 2 Thou' There's no reason to have a friend or two now 'Cuz the kid's ready to tell you how he...

Posted by Chatter Box @ 10/28/2003 12:37 PM GMT-8
Pictures of Fires

Posted by @ 10/17/2003 04:09 PM GMT-5
More training areas
Here are some more training areas for people lvl 3-15. again, USE BEST JUDGEMENT ON WHAT YOU CAN OR CANT KILL. You guys can also train at the Wizard's Tower. *DO NOT GO UPSTAIRS IF YOU ARE UNDER LVL 15*, Darkwizards lvl 25 respawn there and you will be killed. Train outside and in the bottom floor...

Posted by fiberoptix @ 10/13/2003 06:26 AM GMT-8
Hey every 1....IM BACK!...sorry i posting so late but now im starting carbonfibr back up...please check back


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