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Posted by Angel O Devil @ 02/21/2004 01:09 PM GMT8 blog!! new blog le..blogspot easier to use...and nicer too!!!Go to my blog and remember to link mi kz..

Posted by Kangcy's stories @ 01/31/2004 01:48 AM GMT-6
Good Comments for good photos
These comments came from Bob Krist (Danish Light, July/August 1998)- Pay attention to the quality of light and not just the subject. ̴ϴ. ƴϿ. - Shoot in warm light, around dawn or dusk. ذ . Դϴ....

Posted by *~*~*Kayla*~*~* @ 01/18/2004 12:14 PM GMT-7
Friends Blogs and CPs
      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;    Julie---->...

Posted by Madonga's Blog @ 01/13/2004 02:06 PM GMT9
Circuito Rules!!

Posted by Linca @ 01/09/2004 02:21 PM GMT1
Hemkommen till Nairobi efter safari i Masai Mara
nu ar vi tillbaka i nairobi efter 3 dagar i masai mara, det har varit en mkt trevlig upplevelse. var pa safari i 2 dagar och den tredje dagen var vi pa besok i en masai by. och det var roligt att se, men helt ofattbart att folk kan bo som dom gjorde.. pa safarin sag vi massa djur igen, gepard,...

Posted by Gajan @ 01/06/2004 11:29 PM GMT1
Salt i Bolivia
Har inte sa hemskt mycket mer att skriva den har gangen heller, men sen sista har vi hunnit med att dra ut i Bolivias otroligt stora salt-oken och i formiddags var ett gang av oss ner i nagra snallt sagt primitiva silver-gruvor (dar enligt olika uppgifter mellan 1 & 8 miljoner manniskor har...

Posted by gateway @ 01/06/2004 10:59 AM GMT3.5
وب سايت رايگان بسازيد
سايت وب رايگان، اين يكی از بهترين امكانات است. بسياری از مردم از اين طريق صاحب وب سايت  اختصاصی می شوند لحظه ای فكر كنيد. شما مالك جايی در اينترنت می شويد تا از آن...

Posted by mastakoda @ 01/02/2004 11:13 PM GMT-5
Ok im bored so i came back to the journal
Wow this must have been the most boring day of my life. I only went to walmart, and that was at lunch time to buy a cd with my gift card. The rest of the day I've been in the same room (living room that is) watching tv, reading my magazines, and playing taipei and tetris on the computer. I know...

Posted by lil_tee @ 12/09/2003 04:22 PM GMT-5
I am in a karazy mood. My son is sleeping. And look I said I wasnt going on da puter. Look where I am?!!!!!!!!! fuck Im so bored. LOL LOL . Right now Im eating jube jubes and gummie bears. And have a voice convo wit my sis shea. I can barley type. Cuz she making me laugh so...

Posted by My JoUrNaL! @ 12/08/2003 08:24 PM GMT-5
Tara Morris
Wow i cant believe you arent here no were such a good seemed as if there were no problems always had a smile on ur gunna get off at 8th street this time Tar ...there were many inside jokes hun...i wont ever forget you...its gunna be so difficult...


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