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Posted by Travel Blog @ 11/04/2004 05:51 PM GMT-8
Question for you nature types
I nicked this from my regular blog.  So, I guess it really isn't nicking, just covering all the bases.  Right? If you happen to read here any at all, you may have gathered that I am planning a trip to Germany as well as several other Eastern European countries.  In case you didn't...

Posted by Janys pink island @ 09/25/2004 02:26 PM GMT-8
HOLA!!! ya me siento como un Fnix!
Holas!!! cos tan toos??? [toos??? yo creo que ya nadie se toma la molestia de visitar tu blog...XD] callate... Weno en fin dije lo del fenix porke renazco de las cenizas...XD hace como...ehhhh mucho tiempo XD que no actualizo...y como no kiero escribir tooooooodo lo ke ha pasado comenzar con...

Posted by dorothy @ 09/18/2004 08:28 PM GMT8
Les Choristes
¥hPalace IFCڻLes choristes~* ıonnڻX~*...d + PH...ӥBdqnn!!~...² nLWfrench...oıۥd frenchYn..._Xnhy ڻr\upA~*...G.. .򨣭ӤkHoY׳ Caresse sur l'océan Caresse sur l'océan Porte l'oiseau si...

Posted by Trish's Journal @ 08/30/2004 10:27 PM GMT-6
 SO i havent written in this thing for along time and i have like a million stories but i dont think people even read this so im not gonna write them down neway so this is a quick story.... Haha ok so i went to the grocery store and i was walking out with some groceries and stuff and this...

Posted by kate and al @ 08/09/2004 01:25 PM GMT0
Well, if we thought KL was the future, Singapore is the future's idea of the future This place is amazing, it is so clean and efficent - even using the train system is like stepping into a sci-fi film- the place is covered in moving walkways and automated systems Everywhere is run so logically,...

Posted by My Paradisium @ 05/29/2004 07:41 PM GMT2
3rd entry.
Dear Grace,Well. Its been a year, hasn't it. Started out with almost no goals, made it to the middle with a list way too long, and you're ending with very few again. Maybe its that you don't want to expect things of yourself and / or of others, or maybe it's that you don't want to let yourself aim...

Posted by Darling + Beechie @ 04/25/2004 11:38 PM GMT8
The Best of Langkawi
EVERY LISTING ON THIS SITE HAS BEEN PERSONALLY SELECTED & CHECKED BY INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL WRITERS, AND IS UPDATED QUARTERLY. Superior content and information includes: LANGKAWI ONLINE TOUR showing you Langkawis towns, beaches, tax-free shopping, food, attractions, sports &...

Posted by nordicpattaya @ 03/24/2004 09:56 PM GMT7
Ett meddelande kommer frn Arve
Knut Hammergren er en mangerig gjest p Hotel Norge og i Pattaya. Han feiret sin gebursdag med fullt opp av inviterte gjester. Knut er "still going strong" selv etter endel sykdom tar han sine daglige spaserturer ned til Pattaya Beachen. Han har tidligere bodd bde i Bangkok og p Jomtien men...

Posted by huiminz! @ 03/20/2004 11:57 PM GMT8
all abt drey
yups drey din noe hw to handle the stuffs at,so i decided to join her n doo tiz blogdrive ting.oh well,nth glorious.i wan to slp.i nd slp

Posted by swt catastrphe @ 03/10/2004 09:28 PM GMT-5
uhhh yea wutever...
lets see besides the fact that someone put me n a pissy mood this dad was pretty good. except i felt lost without my candyce mac at school with me lol. but yea tomm i start soccer managing with jenn. lol. yea i have to be HEAD JV...mmmmm. lol. newayz....i just got back from sarahs...


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