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Posted by YeW_CaNt _BeaT_mE @ 03/12/2006 06:56 PM GMT-8
ya cute wutz ya name ?? lolz about mee
I AM: a ByTcH..i love itI WANT: t0 be wit him <3I HAVE: the best friendz n familyI WISH: he was minez<3I HATE: whorez..slutz jumpoffz fat nose dominicanzI MISS: 2003<3 I FEAR: losing sum1 i loveI HEAR: umm I SEARCH: dunno ;pI WONDER: wut my  sisterz  doin    . ..

Posted by Uls´s dagbok @ 12/02/2005 06:19 AM GMT1
Thailand - Bangkok
Tjenare!! For alla vinter alskare sa har jag bara hutter, hutter att saga. Sjalv trivs vi nere i 33 graders varme i Bangkok, ar pa vag till Singapore i dag for att sedan vanda upp mot Malaysia igen efter nagra dagar. Blir nog i Thailand och landerna runt, fram till slutet pa Februari for...

Posted by Byrondays @ 11/24/2005 11:49 PM GMT10
a midi
So for some reason ( like if the english teacher leaves should we replace them with a maths teacher for 3 weeks until wwe get a new one or just leave the kids to it or something odd like that) half the teachers are on strike and so we couldn't (am under watchful eye of scary library lady) eat in...

Posted by Audra Travels @ 10/26/2005 02:12 PM GMT8
Phuket (August 2005)
My most recent vacation destination - Phuket. Cool place - hot but not humid (which I like because I don't sweat while walking under the sun). Beautiful places, good food, and worth the money spent. So I'm gonna take you into a journey right from day 1 till the day I flew home. DAY...

Posted by Hyde Journeys @ 09/30/2005 08:25 AM GMT-8
sana sana sana...
... buhay pa si gaara... but i won't know for sure until probably the 279th manga chapter... but, still, the story is picking up it's pace so, maybe sasuke will even turn up... not that i'm like sakura who's really looking forward to that turn of events...  well, at least i hope they keep...

Posted by TURNING POINT @ 04/03/2005 11:17 AM GMT5.5
Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no one comes unto the Father but by me."
BIBLE VERSES   Anger, Assurance, Burdens, Comfort When you are Angry Ephesians 4:26 If you need Assurance John 5:24 When you carry Burdens Isaiah 41:13 In need of Comfort Psalms 138:7 Don't get so angry that you sin.  Don't go to bed angry and don't give the...

Posted by Chris @ 02/10/2005 05:06 PM GMT-7
New Cars You Must Know About
New Mercedes-Benz CLS-55 AMG New BMW 6 Series  645i Coupe

Posted by Adam's Trip @ 01/24/2005 02:57 PM GMT10
Hi guys, I am currently in Kunming, China in Yunnan provence right down south. It seems I have been writing this every few weeks but once again it was been another very busy few weeks. After Israel it was back to London for a few days before China. In that time I managed to see a bit more of...

Posted by Shahriar @ 12/27/2004 07:35 AM GMT3.5
Poor Guys in South East Asia...!
Poor Guys in South East Asia... What do You think? You think the "Life is FAIR"? This was their Xmas Present. Look at this: Dec 26, 2004 — By Simon Gardner COLOMBO (Reuters) - More than 12,300 people were killed and tens of thousands left homeless after a powerful undersea earthquake...

Posted by Marcin's Journey @ 12/05/2004 08:27 PM GMT-3
My time has come
Well my time has come. I am flying back to US Monday night. Vacation or whatever this was has ended. I know I have not written recently, well I was just to lazy to do it. When I come back I will write more and maybe put some boring reflection from this trip. So I guess I will see you soon so that...


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