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Posted by overseas @ 03/05/2007 01:18 AM GMT-8
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Kota pantai di tepi barat Mexico itu sungguh indah. Pohon nyiur berderet di tepian pantainya, menyatu dengan tata kota yang campuran Spanyol dan Mexico. Angin laut meniup perlahan mengajak pepohonan untuk menari di sepanjang Banderas bay.   Menyebut tanjung Banderas, pikiran kita langsung...

Posted by Blonde Moments @ 02/05/2007 03:41 PM GMT-6
It's been a while and I read that last entry and knew it was time for an update. In October, the company I was working for gave me a weeks notice. I immediately started emailing everyone I could think of asking if there were any openings where they were at. One of them replied with a posting...

Posted by initaly @ 01/08/2007 01:43 PM GMT1
I am in such a bloggin mood today. And really, i started this blog for italy but i guess i could use it for other travels too. If so, i must say that this blog needs a whole lot of updates. For one, I am no longer a bummer. I am lawfully hired, though earning little, its enough for shopping and...

Posted by SPORTident @ 05/22/2007 03:50 AM GMT-8
Kit SPORT ident
O Kit ou Sistema de Treino da SPORTident é a ferramenta ideal para Clubes, Empresas de Outdoor e Escolas. Utilização em provas, campos de treino, formação, etc. Não necessita de estar ligado à corrente.É possível adquirir apenas o conjunto impressora térmica GeBe. ...

Posted by Noodleshop @ 12/24/2006 09:44 PM GMT7
I could sit here for the next few years and regale you with tales of living in Thailand as a tragically white guy, and you might even like it, but it wouldn't be the best you could read - Gor is. GO HERE. Unfortunately, Gor is in jail. The great thing is, he's still being written about, even...

Posted by Wandering Star @ 12/08/2006 04:01 AM GMT-3
the end is the begining is the end
*suspiro*aiai. odeio isso. vontade de não ter que falar nem pensar nem nada.odeio me sentier perdida, odeio não saber o que fazer, o que dizer, como agir.claro que tudo isso é culpa da minha mania de ter tudo sempre sob meu controle, ento odeio ela odeio com essa chatice.quero...

Posted by Preçário-atletas @ 09/01/2007 08:44 AM GMT-8
Lista de Preços70
Sport Ident SI-Card 6 51,00 € Calçad o Vavrys Sharp 70,00 € Porta-map as Miry com Prancheta 10"*10" 68,00 € Porta-mapas Miry com Prancheta 11"*11" 70,00 € Bússola Moscow 38,00 € Óculos de Protecção 25,00 € Meias Vavrys 15,00 € ...

Posted by bunkerangs @ 10/23/2006 08:38 AM GMT-6
okay..just a short note for now. i am officially moving to here. this site has been fun but it has also been giving me some problems of late. thank you for visiting here okay :) see you at the other site. huggies :)))

Posted by kuro-kuro-ko @ 10/17/2006 09:18 PM GMT-8
goodbye, carlo!
i'm moving out. still wanna read my angsts, joys, rants and nonsensical thoughts? basahin ang mga bagong kurokuroko.

Posted by faizar @ 09/21/2006 08:55 PM GMT7
I have move�to other site RAMADHAN� adhan/ Ramadhan merupakan bulan ke-9 dalam Islam. Pada bulan ini umat Islam ini diwajibkan berpuasa. Seperti bulan Islam lain, bulan ini mempunyai 29 atau 30 hari. Bu lan Ramadhan merupakan masa untuk umat Islam...


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