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Posted by goddess-of-beauty @ 04/05/2008 09:24 AM GMT6
I came home late last night.. as i entered my room, my mom told me that the head of security of another village we lived in, was killed last night. It was all over the news. He was one of the first to know about the fire in their area.. and the first thing he did was go around to wake up all the...

Posted by apacheowners @ 03/22/2008 10:36 AM GMT-8
Ok...blogging is just not my "thing"!
I am finding that I have a lot more fun updating the site then talking about it.  A lot has changed in the last few months on the site.  We were going to switch to an "ad supported" forum, then decided to ride it out in the current one to see if we would be happy once it reverts to a...

Posted by season 11 @ 02/04/2008 01:43 PM GMT8
Say it Again
Assalamualaikum..i wont look back and turn out crying in the middle of the least i still have other people around me..:) at least masih ada kaki utk berjalan..ade tangan untuk amik gamba..masih ade telinga utk dengar dan mata utk melihat..:)Songwriter: Marie Digbythe thing...

Posted by chejay @ 01/21/2008 03:52 PM GMT7
my pre-capping journal
1. WHO AM I?   If a person is asked by this type of question, he oftentimes describes himself two ways. The first one would be on the biographic data which he would like other people to know. And the second is the emotional or deeper feeling that mere acquaintances do not see in him...

Posted by Ellys Travel Blog @ 12/22/2007 02:15 PM GMT1
Samstag More shopping and driving in the snow. I went with Peppo to pick up the christmas turkey. Its 8.6 Kg and I'm worried that Sesame Street is missing a crew member. Isnt that how much the cat weighs? A bird as big as the Beast Cat? Visited the house Oma lived in. Farmland, hills, forest, all...

Posted by We Miss Home @ 10/15/2007 10:15 AM GMT-8
28. Eid and Beyond
There was no Keeper of the Rulers' Seal this time, but it was the Regent Mosque that made the announcement. We celebrated Hari Raya on Friday, 12th October this year. It caught us a little off guard as we were preparing for Hari Raya to fall on Saturday. But being in the UK, little did it has any...

Posted by Hari's story @ 08/14/2007 09:35 PM GMT1
Find me on...
Been so longHave moved to another life and time and chanceStill want to keep it alive, thoughFind me hereStill on this earthHereComeAh.... you're lateThe wind takes me away with itHard and cold and dark and dirty windTuesday, 14 August 2007; 21:42More on me on my friendster!

Posted by wakol @ 08/08/2007 02:08 AM GMT9
Umeboshi, done well!
This was the first time for me to pickle Ume, but it seems to go well thanks to my mother in law. How to pickle Ume: 1. Soak Ume in salt water for 1 week. 2. Dry Ume in the sun for 3 straight days. 3. Soak Ume in vineger and liquor, and add crystal sugar. 4. Dry Ume in the sun for 3...

Posted by mags @ 06/10/2007 06:17 AM GMT-8
how are you all
hello hello hello hopw you are all well and are doing well with your travels. marie - i posted your packages an the tueday i got back after bank holiday so all being well they should have both arrived now. what counties are you all in at the mo? my new job is going well, with the new baby...

Posted by 11am @ 05/17/2007 03:44 AM GMT7
Should I return?
See, I have been thinking if I want to start filling up this stagnant blog...maybe I will....I wanted to start a new one...a sports blog. Maybe I would still do it but on a different time...or moment. Right now, I am starting to like my job ( I said I like right?)....This is going nowhere...I'll do...


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