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Posted by Forte's Issues @ 09/26/2003 05:37 PM GMT-6
OMG! this is hiarious! my mom bruoght it a little rabbit is happily running through the forest when he stumbes upon a giraffe rolling a joint.the rabbit looks at her and says,"giraffe my friend ,why do you dod this?come running with me through the pretty forest,you'll see...

Posted by Blowd up kittens @ 09/22/2003 02:07 AM GMT-5
Monday again.
I hate mondays. A lot. now, classes resume, and everything goes to shit. Why couldn't God rest...everyday of the week. That way I wouldn't have to put up with my college peers pathetic inability to string together enough elements of proper grammar to negotiate a sentence. Fucking bastards.

Posted by lilvampyone @ 09/20/2003 12:23 PM GMT-5
Hiya, Homecomming is tonight...YAY!!! I can't wait!! ANA I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! MINDI I LOVE YOU TOOOOOO!!!!!!! i love you! well i gotta go get ready so ttyl! :D ~brit

Posted by ! SpurN's Bl0G ! @ 09/17/2003 02:46 PM GMT1
Nothing To Do, Nothing TO SAy
.... :) testin' POst in the shoutbox damnit !!! ;)

Posted by Mihitore @ 09/05/2003 11:20 PM GMT-5
the one with no name.
mood: lethargic music: sirens song I am so bored. Well I stayed home from school yet again. I am sick and feel like shit. Chirst fuckers. Well i watched A Man Apart. It was not as good as I thought it would be. I dont know. Vin Diesel is so sexy though. But I guess the type of movie it was...

Posted by SpiderKisses @ 08/14/2003 01:02 PM GMT-8
i think i might joke to much... what do u think? one of these days im gonna say something serious and no one is gonna believe me. like that one dude... who cryed wolf or some crap. i dunno i never did pay attention to those stories... i was to busy making tree houses and blowing up my brothers...

Posted by Epiphani Seven @ 08/09/2003 04:25 PM GMT-6
I'm just learning to lift my head here...but its getting more catching up with the reality of my own existence quickly...should be completely real in enough time for a Camel to burn out to the filter... "home ...home..where i wanted to go...."

Posted by Aradias Crescent @ 07/28/2003 01:28 AM GMT-5
Yes, Pagans pray
Here are some devotions that I wrote: Awakening: I lift up my Spirit to the Universe and my Heart to the Lady and Lord. May I walk this day in Wisdom, Speak this day with clarity, Act this day with Passion and Love without condition.   May I live my life fully - In perfect Love...

Posted by FusiOn @ 07/26/2003 11:02 PM GMT-5
Ok... so I didn't post up the pictures.. (heh) This really seems to take forever and I dun't care!!

Posted by SilentlyScreaming @ 07/23/2003 10:58 PM GMT10
Hunger For Your Touch
I couldn't help but post this.


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