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Posted by WitchMama Classes @ 01/27/2004 08:16 AM GMT-5
Native American Classes
Katoni Si Ny Ya Haa, Chief of the Florida Wolf Clan of the Southeastern Cherokees, is teaching some special classes at WMU.  There will be an informal format talking about the 7 directions.  If you are interested in this you MUST write to: very quickly.  We...

Posted by GothicCandy-Rants @ 01/20/2004 04:57 PM GMT-6
Retarted computer...
Grr.  My fucking computer is retarded.  As in apathetic, crawling, creeping, dawdling, delaying, deliberate, dilatory, disinclined, dreamy, drowsy, easy, gradual, heavy, idle, imperceptible, inactive, indolent, inert, lackadaisical, laggard, lagging, lazy, leaden, leisurely, lethargic,...

Posted by Fallen's NaNo @ 01/08/2004 10:17 AM GMT-6
I am Suicide...cont.
Ciao! Well, I'm still working on I am Suicide, so don't think I've disappeared.  It's going in some very interesting directions.  Suicide's body count thus far is 6.  Nancy and Thomas, Vince, Carmen, and Doug and Megan.  From each life, she takes their knowledge and...

Posted by Neo-Columbinists @ 01/04/2004 10:40 PM GMT-5
Love and Rock?
What the fuck is it with all these "rock" bands writing about nothing but how miserable they are cause in highschool they got dumped. So fucking what. Your a rockstar now, you could get her back easy, or you could buy another girls love.Rock is about anger, guitars wailing, drums blazing, and grown...

Posted by The Facade Drops @ 12/31/2003 10:05 PM GMT-8
   Well, my brothers, this is another year.  Drinking time tomorrow.

Posted by Dill @ 12/25/2003 01:08 PM GMT-5
Surveys Help Pass The Time
General Info // Dillbirthday // January 3, 1989location // New Yorkreligion // Wiccanoccupation // musicianAppearancehair // dark browneyes // hazelheight // 5'4Styleclothing // grunge (lol gnome)music // rock metal and skamake up // nonejewelery // random rubber bands and broken...

Posted by blACk rOsE @ 12/25/2003 08:39 AM GMT8
hanging on
oooooooooooooooooooo im getting tha hang of diz shyt yahs......*yippe~!!

Posted by This is Hell @ 12/23/2003 12:34 AM GMT-8
screw y'all.
ok just to let everyone know. I DONT BLOG ON HERE ANYMORE. i have not updated since sept 28 and it is now dec 22 so plz realise that can feelings about certain situations can alter from sept 28 to dec 22. so yea. thats it. oh and if you all must know . my new blog is at...

Posted by Nikki @ 12/20/2003 11:20 AM GMT-7
Scott came over last night and hung out with me and Nikki. I still really like Tim but I dunno....there's something about Scott too. He said the day b4 yesterday that he wanted to be more than friends soon because he "had to be with me" Who knows? Eh....I won't get my hopes up. Anyway, I'm off....

Posted by Stories to Tell @ 12/18/2003 05:19 PM GMT-8.5
I am tired. Tired of believing that something beautiful can ever happen to us. You have sweetened me with the magick of your dreams, that one day, this promise would last a lifetime. But it was all a lie, you never warned me that the wait could also take forever to fulfill. And I am tired... of...


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