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Posted by Chaos @ 01/24/2005 11:34 AM GMT-5
Ya ok, so i'm a total f-ing loser and no one talks to me so i haven't felt like writing much since about.......well november.  oh well, i will go some where else and rot to minds of people who don't really care but have no lives any way.

Posted by bled @ 11/09/2004 03:10 PM GMT-5
Lucid Dreaming
Usually, I do not remember my dreams, or if I do, I remember very small bits... impressions I had, an idea or two... a face, an object, a color. Sometimes I remember the entire story line, but rarely do I remember everything. This dream was so phenomenal that I remembered every touch, every caress,...

Posted by ||simple_death|| @ 10/28/2004 07:29 PM GMT-5
Abandoning the abyss
I don't think I have time for this blog anymore. Besides, I have nothing to put in it. I don't think I'm comming back here. You can still follow me around if you like though, here's my deviant art account: m/ Goodbye.

Posted by Eric's Blog @ 09/18/2004 01:59 PM GMT-6
Back Again
That's me right up there! I know it isn't one of my best pics but just to give you a little glimpse of the idea of me in eye-liner. I don't wear that hat often because I streaked me hair red. And I'll show you that....... Again, not one of my best red head pics. hehe Anyway, here goes...

Posted by anagram86 @ 08/09/2004 10:45 PM GMT-5
Long time, no write
More than a year between "Mondays" and "epiphany", I am finally back to life. Out of desire for sheer update, you should know, I am enrolled at my first choice college and start classes in two weeks. I am a Psychology major, but am now debating whether I should also pursue a second major in...

Posted by Khara's Grimoire @ 08/08/2004 11:58 AM GMT-5
I Hate this War
Mother, keep Antonio in your hands safe and sound until this dreadful war is over!

Posted by f##kd in the head @ 07/28/2004 04:00 PM GMT-5
you think my life is perfect
you think that my life is perfect as you watch me walk by with that plastic smile. you think that everything is wonderful because i hide it all inside. you don't look, you don't see how everything is building up inside of me you think that everything is fine while i tell you a little white...

Posted by izachristabel @ 06/10/2004 01:11 AM GMT-3
Finding The Forgotten Blog
    Wow, so long since the last time l went here!!! Can you believe l forgot it???? l made a change in my life, and now l'm at http://haddy7.weblogger.terra.     But here it seems to be better, you know... you can choose the font, size, color...hummmmmm....

Posted by Bleed For Me @ 05/09/2004 11:23 PM GMT-5
......Just to Let you know.....
Fuck You All. Honestly. After all I've done After all I've tried After all I've gave After all I've put up with After all the tears After all the pain After all the screaming After all the smiles After all the fun After all of the love After all the hurt This is what I have...

Posted by Shits and Giggles @ 04/30/2004 10:26 AM GMT-5
Cara has dumped me.  I cannot live without her.  She was my reason for living, and now, I just want to die.  I'm waiting for someone to pick up my cat, and then I'm going to kill myself.  My life has no meaning anymore.  I fucked up.  It's my fault that she's...


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