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Posted by TempleofIsis @ 03/25/2007 08:40 AM GMT-5
Feeling the connection...
There are times when I feel like I have experienced something that is hard to put into words. This is one of those times. I have been studying "The Master Key of Success" which is one of the works "The Secret" was based upon (and is available for free download from their site at

Posted by .:.:no Wings:.:. @ 12/26/2006 10:35 AM GMT-8
sip ia... jajaja decidi borrar los anteriores posts porkepor alguna xtraña razon me senti patetika jajajaja por dioooos io no pude haber escrito esooo fue horrible!!!!jkajajajajajaja dark?? por dios... fresa??... por diooooos jajajaja nada d eso... solo io i io nada d emo ... de punk de eso ke me...

Posted by Luci e Ombre @ 02/18/2006 05:48 PM GMT1
Hide and Seek
Where are we what the hell is going on the dust has only just begun to fall crop circles in the carpet...

Posted by and it creeps.... @ 12/20/2005 09:31 AM GMT-6
Which Do As Infinity song are you?brought to you by Quizilla

Posted by Melsybopland @ 12/14/2005 06:11 PM GMT-5
Do they know it's Christmas time at all.....
Yes Barry. There is a Santa Claus. But you still lost the Bandaid-off again this year. On a similar note. Watching Musimax80/90 tonight I noticed how much Bob Geldof looked like Jerry Seinfeld in "I don't like Mondays" video. You be the judge.

Posted by b l o g r a p h y @ 10/02/2005 07:37 PM GMT-8
this shoe

Posted by SEPVLCRVM @ 09/05/2005 11:25 PM GMT0
Entrada na Escuridão
Coloco-me de pé perante o portal retorcido de medos Gritos e braços saem do buraco negro que, majestoso, se apodera da vida e da alma de quem toda toda a vida o temeu, mas nem sabia da sua existência. Todos o temem, e agora aqui estou eu a enfrentá-lo, pregado ao firmamento, deixando-o...

Posted by A Lost Wonderland @ 06/02/2005 11:42 AM GMT-5
Back Bitches
SOOOOOO.... i pretty much NEVER use this anymore, but i deside i would like to add an entry. So heres an update.... -Got boyfriend...became dug addict -Grounded -BLAH BLAH BLAH -And now im a witch, smoke cigs, have a girl friend, and enjoy my own company. I think that covers WEll...

Posted by Khara's Craziness @ 03/11/2005 05:31 PM GMT-6
Life On Hold.....
I have been so remiss in writing here, but to be honest not a damn good thing has happened and I am so sick of seeing myself whine I could blow chunks!  So, I am just hanging and keeping my shit together, keeping the kids in line and pretty much living my usual pitiful excuse for an...

Posted by Chaos @ 01/24/2005 11:34 AM GMT-5
Ya ok, so i'm a total f-ing loser and no one talks to me so i haven't felt like writing much since about.......well november.  oh well, i will go some where else and rot to minds of people who don't really care but have no lives any way.


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