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Posted by CentaurFirenze @ 06/04/2009 01:10 AM GMT-5
Dead fish, flying fish
  Today I woke up late and watched NCIS with my breakfast. Then I finished reading Electricity (two stars. Highly disappointing. I guessed nearly everything!), and watched NCIS with my lunch. Then I went for a walk... I tried doing my walk backwards, to see if it would be any different. I...

Posted by Quotes @ 04/20/2009 11:56 PM GMT-5
I made like two full []Oosts today, and of course lost them. Anyway, here's a good one.I am not in this world to live up to other people’s expectations, nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine. —...

Posted by :: Love is :: @ 04/01/2009 03:34 PM GMT7
Perpenuhan Renjana
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Posted by Fuzzy Ferret @ 03/22/2009 09:15 PM GMT-5
I Have Moved!!
Hello fellow readers!  I have moved!  Please visit my OTHER blog over at:The Fuzzy Ferret's PlaceHope to see you over there!

Posted by cappuccino @ 02/28/2009 03:47 PM GMT7
Menulis kan kata-kata indah
Menulis puisi, cerita indah, prosa...arti bagi setiap orang berbeda-beda.- ada yang hendak mengungkapkan isi hatinya- untuk mengisi waktu luangnya..- tak ingin melewatkan peristiwa yang dialaminya- tak jarang hanya ingin menunjukan kemampuannya- atau yang parah menjadikannya alat NGELABA...

Posted by TurtleBlog @ 02/24/2009 09:06 PM GMT7
when you're at the end of the road
& looking back, you'll see that life isn't about destination but journey. what made you today is a product of your yesterday, today and tomorrow e.i. every single moment gone thru, hopes & dreams.some take the road less traveled.some take the endless road.some just jump into it not even...

Posted by Already There @ 12/06/2008 10:18 PM GMT-5
The Realm of Playing
There are two characters I play almost exclusively; Amrius and his mentor, Markus Arrowsmite. Markus once acted as a father figure to Amrius, but his descent into insanity spoiled that relationship for the worst. A vampire, Markus' age has finally overcome his ability to reason with logic, so...

Posted by Jane Austen @ 11/07/2008 04:20 PM GMT-8
Emma- no disrespect intented to P&P or S&S
I was officially introduced to Jane Austen my first year of college.  I read Sense and Sensibility that summer and read Pride and Prejudice the next summer.  I loved both very much and so much intended to revisit them but only after I had read the rest of her here I...

Posted by Akane7 @ 10/14/2008 11:07 PM GMT7

Posted by kresna @ 07/03/2008 03:12 PM GMT7
Langkah tersesat dalam jalan kematian yang terencanakarena harapan menjadi terlalu mewahberkali - kali kuhujamkan belati kebenciankuhujam didadanya yang sesak oleh gempita dunianamun hanya limbung yang kudapatiharapan dan AKU asingkanku dijalan yang kuyakiniTuhan...


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