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Posted by Far And Away @ 09/22/2017 08:46 AM GMT8
2017 Adult Goals
- I targeted to increase my world index shares last year and now I own 950 units. - Hubby got his partner visa this year. I processed his documents for months and sent hubby to medical exam and everything went well. Yay. His visa was granted in three months time. Thanks to my document...

Posted by How Real Is Fear? @ 05/11/2017 07:45 AM GMT-8
How Real Is Fear
AN INSPIRATIONAL BLOG INSPIRED BY THE DESTINATION DESTINY WORKSHOP Opposition exists all around us, if we allow it. I say that because YOU are the common factor everywhere you go. Your own way of thinking can be the greatest challenge in overcoming opposition. We must realize that our mind is...

Posted by Monolog Hati @ 03/30/2017 01:09 AM GMT-8
Rindu lagi!
Semua catatan ini aku buat tanpa kau sempat membaca. Niat aku satu hari nanti baru ingin ku hadiahkan semua tinta ini... tapi sayang hasrat aku tergantung disini... Benarlah.... kita hanya mampu merancang tapi Allah sebaik-baik perancang... mesti ada hikmah disebalik semua ini. Aku redha... walau...

Posted by Maijañ @ 09/18/2016 09:01 PM GMT-8
Si, todavia
Todavia puedo escribir aqui oh yeah :) solo que sin acentos, nimodo

Posted by happy reading @ 01/30/2016 03:33 AM GMT1
Tao ist das Gleichgewicht von Innen und Aussen
Carl Gustav Jung teilte die Menschen generell in zwei Typen ein: Die Introvertierten und die Extrovertierten. Diese Einteilung ist unzutreffend. Die Menschen koennen nicht so kategorisiert werden. Die Menschen koennen nicht in diese Schubladen gesteckt werden. Kein Mensch kann nur...

Posted by Love myself 26 @ 12/28/2015 02:00 PM GMT-6
The day!
As I sit here watching it rain out my front door I reflect on all the things in my life. Things I have done, things I shouldn't have done, things that would have been amazing to experience and I realize I haven't truly lived. I have let my fears and self doubt rule me for the past 26 years. I have...

Posted by Delhibrations @ 08/18/2015 11:15 AM GMT5.5
Today is the first day of the rest of our life. The future is ours to create !

Posted by KWENTONG PUSA @ 06/29/2015 12:22 PM GMT8
Ni hindi ko pa alam kung ano ung "asexual" nun pero sabi ng opismate ko baka daw asexual ako haha. sabi ko naman. "ano tingin mo sakin, halaman!?" dinedma ko lang sya nun sabay biglang nagpost ung Elite Daily ng tungkol sa asexuals. nabasa ko tuloy.. tapos para kong naka-relate. haha. ayun.....

Posted by noorsuraya @ 06/16/2015 05:07 PM GMT7
Mak Cik Raja Berpindah :(
Assalamualaikum,Selamat menyambut puasa. Tahun ini kaksu dah berpindah ke Rumah Kecil Dekat Sawah.Sesekali jemputlah ke sana, kalau nak tahu Mak Cik Raja masak apa untuk berbuka puasa ya.Sayang,- kaksu -

Posted by Legendary Mind @ 04/14/2015 03:52 PM GMT-8
Facing The Shadow Self
The Left Hand PathWe are living a lie ignoring the power in overcoming darkness within ourselves. Death by all means is the mother of darkness, just as life is the father of light. By accepting death as your ally you now become one with it. Reaching beyond any normal man’s understanding...


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