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Posted by I aM hU i WaNa Be @ 01/04/2004 10:15 PM GMT8
wat a day
aloha!! today i went shopping.. :D n nw im left wif $12 to last me the whole of nxt week.n i haf to stayback evryday n still blanje X!! sheesh!!yeah i noe. bad move to spend $49 on shopping n food, huh? :p too late. hahah. i bought a shirt which says hottie with an attitude! haha. only $8. so wat...

Posted by somalisalafi @ 12/22/2003 10:15 AM GMT0
------------------ ------------------- -----------------Isniin/Monday 28 Shawaal 1424H - 22/12/2003 Nasrani year© Copyright 2003/1424H somalisalafi, All rights reservedAll articles, audio files and any other materials are copyright of their original ownersSomalisalafi©...

Posted by noval @ 11/14/2003 09:36 AM GMT7
jagalah hati
huahuahaua..hari kedua ngisi blogger, nanti malem ada ujan meteor , nonton ah, kayak welcome screennya film meteor garden ajah, duduk dudk sambil nonton bintang jatuh...:) sekedar saling mengingatkan... jagalah hati...jangan kau kotori jagalah hati cahaya hidup ini...

Posted by YoungMuslimGirls @ 10/29/2003 07:06 AM GMT-8
October 29th 2003
Today I woke up and ate before I had to start fasting and then I did Fajr. I didn't go to sleep though. I have a drama club class today with some friends. I am doing a play. I have gotten into doing string games again like cats cradle and stuff. I know how to do: Cats Cradle, Cup and Saucer, Hand...

Posted by buku harian @ 10/24/2003 02:50 PM GMT7
bin laden, the hero of islam
bin laden, the hero of islamsosok ini mencerminkan ''the real jihad of muslim", yang bisa membangkitkan semangat jihad umat islam.

Posted by Dormitories of um @ 09/01/2003 09:51 PM GMT3.5
Is one of the biggest poets in the WORLD


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