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Posted by Syukran @ 01/14/2006 12:11 AM GMT8
Rimbun Keampunan
Ku mengintai ketenangan di antara kekalutan Kerana keinginan tidak pernah kesampaian Ku kutip sisa-sisa dari segala keruntuhan Bangkit semula meneruskan baki perjalanan Ku menghimpun kekuatan ku memohon ketabahan Meredah gelombang hidup dan dugaan mencabar Ku anggap kegagalan bukan suatu kekalahan...

Posted by salafiyyin @ 10/06/2005 03:05 AM GMT7
Bergegas Berangkat Sholat Jum`at…
Bergegas Berangkat Sholat Jum`at…    “Pada hari jum`at para malaikat, para malaikat berdiri di pintu-pintu masjid, mencatat orang yang pertama datang kemudian yang pertama. Perumpamaan orang yang bergegas datang sholat jum`at seperti orang yang onta yang digemukkan, setelahnya seperti...

Posted by mutiara mujahidah @ 08/02/2005 09:34 AM GMT7
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Posted by Manda wohoo! @ 10/22/2004 04:31 PM GMT-6
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<<<<<<Me and mle walking the dog..  What an ASS! <<<<< Geoff dumped that lasted!! <<Iwant flowers on my birthday!!!! again!! lol ahh shit i forgot my quiz URL lol...

Posted by My Acitivity @ 09/17/2004 01:44 PM GMT7
Manfaat Stroberi   SIAPA yang tidak kenal buah stroberi? Bentuk mungilnya dengan warna merah terang sungguh menggoda selera. Stroberi tidak hanya sedap dimakan, tetapi juga memiliki banyak manfaat. Inilah beberapa manfaat yang bisa Anda simak, dikumpulkan dari berbagai sumber.   -...

Posted by lily pads @ 07/01/2004 12:01 AM GMT-5
for awhile now i have had a fear of dieing, and its directly related to a fear of getting older. it scares me to think that i have an inevitability ahead of me, and, i dont know when that fate will be relized. worrying about it makes no diffrence. i think im just going to spend more time...

Posted by Palestine @ 06/01/2004 10:58 PM GMT2
My Last Day..., by Leyla
May 15, 2004   [Ramallah] I travel to the Qalandia checkpoint, where, in a bad mood about leaving, I refuse to show the soldiers my passport. After all, checkpoints are illegal, so they have no right to ask it of me. With some sense I don't say this to them, just say instead that I have...

Posted by waaferingerz @ 03/01/2004 09:59 AM GMT6
bluey bluey waa feringerz!
Well..well..well.. i finally got this blogskin thingy done! PHEW! Tiring i tell yah! damn suck to re"skin" yr blog...hehehe.... but okay lah... worth my effort! I deserve a pat on my shoulder! Okay...what's been up about me this whole bluey monday.Supposed to meet Jasmine(herbal life fella) to get...

Posted by arfah's @ 02/29/2004 07:19 PM GMT8
Ngapain sih nih .... :P

Posted by I aM hU i WaNa Be @ 01/04/2004 10:15 PM GMT8
wat a day
aloha!! today i went shopping.. :D n nw im left wif $12 to last me the whole of nxt week.n i haf to stayback evryday n still blanje X!! sheesh!!yeah i noe. bad move to spend $49 on shopping n food, huh? :p too late. hahah. i bought a shirt which says hottie with an attitude! haha. only $8. so wat...


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