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Posted by ~ilham~ @ 04/08/2010 06:19 PM GMT7
nice ...
These are really nice...The Most Useless Things To Do..................WorryThe greatest Joy.................GivingThe greatest loss................Loss of self-respectThe most satisfying work...............Helping othersThe ugliest personality trait.............SelfishnessT he most endangered...

Posted by ihm_5991 @ 09/30/2009 06:58 AM GMT-2
Racun dan Penawar
Lima Jenis Racun dan Lima Penawarnya;1. Dunia itu racun ,Zuhud itu ubatnya.2. Harta itu racun ,Zakat itu ubatnya.3. Perkataan yang sia-sia itu racun ,Zikir itu ubatnya.4. Seluruh umur itu racun ,Taat itu ubatnya.5. Seluruh tahun itu racun ,Ramadhan itu ubatnya. ...

Posted by Katakami @ 09/14/2009 01:37 PM GMT8
Suasana Di Sekitar Majlis Iftar Pada 13 Sep 09
Majlis Iftar bersama Qari Mesir dan Tempatan bermula pada jam 6.00 petang semalam.  Ramai para hadirin yang sampai sebelum waktunya.  Ada yang berligar-ligar disekitaran Raffles Town Club untuk mengambil gambar dan juga yang sedang menanti sahabat handai atau saudara...

Posted by fikri ulujami @ 01/22/2009 09:07 AM GMT8
Song For Gaza
A blinding flash of white lightLit up the sky over Gaza tonightPeople running for coverNot knowing whether they're dead or aliveThey came with their tanks and their planesWith ravaging fiery flamesAnd nothing remainsJust a voice rising up in the smoky hazeWe will not go downIn the night, without a...

Posted by Kuncup @ 12/29/2008 11:39 AM GMT8
Salam Maal Hijrah 1430H
hermmm... lama aku tinggalkan blog ni kan~??aku bukan kemana-mana puncuma aku merajuk dan bawak diri jauh dari siniteeheehee... merajuk lar tu kononwalaupon aku dah jarang menulistapi aku selalu jenguk blog kesayangan aku ni taualmaklum lar banyak kenangan masam2 manisyang aku tinggalkan kat...

Posted by Dah habis ok? @ 12/27/2007 09:20 PM GMT0
The story and verdict
So she pushed him down the stairs, and he fell and crushed one of his backbones. And now the bone is still crushed, obviously. So how do you expect him to walk normally AND still talk to her after SHE almost got him paralysed?From where I stand, I see two options. It's either..1) He forgives her,...

Posted by Alumni PA'98 @ 10/04/2008 11:29 PM GMT7

Posted by the_did @ 03/28/2008 01:21 AM GMT7
Never thought this could happenedWhen night and days become oneAnd love and hate collideThere's nothing less anymore to sayI can't feel you thereThough you were here with meAnd I become so numbWhen you look like a child with your toysI don't know what we always fighting forBut there is always a...

Posted by izatgroup @ 08/06/2007 11:33 PM GMT-8
7 Imam Qiraat-III
 Imam Hamzah Nama: Hamzah b. Habib b. 'Amarah b. Ismail al-Kufi at Tamimy Tarikh lahir: 80 H Tahun wafat: 156 H di Helwan, Iraq ketika berusia 76 tahun' Kinayah: Abu 'Amarah Keistimewaan:   Salah seorang imam Qiraat tujuh   Imam Qiraat di Kufah Iraq   Setiap...

Posted by NeStAzIrA @ 08/03/2007 02:20 PM GMT7
yup..i realised that i've become a bookaholic recently.Not  to say that I don't read before this..but somehow i realised lately that my favourite "ritual" before going to bed has become an ADDICTION for me. Obviously yu would agree that it is far much better than additiction to drugs but...


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