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Posted by Education @ 10/25/2014 02:32 AM GMT-8
Association Montessori International Accredited School Open in Pleasanton
The Montessori School of Fremont is excited to announce their beautiful new facility: Montessori School of Pleasanton. Located at 3410 Cornerstone Court in Pleasanton, California, the school offers state-of-the-art-classrooms with a park-like atmosphere. The secure and serene campus...

Posted by smokeybear @ 10/06/2014 01:17 PM GMT-8
I been eyeing a home camera security unit for almost a year now.  I have been doing a lot of research online and I have been wanting to buy one from  But price is a bit high due to many of the negative reviews, I decided to wait a bit.  It has many of the...

Posted by ˤߡCߡCʤ @ 09/25/2014 12:17 AM GMT8
day 131
XX的!! 天空又壞掉了 寫了兩次的東西,又 檔失敗了 今天早上上了課 講師是St.Jude的生活治 師XD,是個有趣的職 但其實,就類似社工 樣的角色啊~ 然後 ...

Posted by This is My Life @ 08/24/2014 03:34 PM GMT-7
Welcome to My Blog
Hello I am a writer and a person who had dealt with many things in their life. From different people to the paranormal and occult. I am not one to start things off in a nice sweet manner instead I am going to explain why I have chosen to start a blog. I have been told I could make money on here...

Posted by midnight heist @ 08/10/2014 11:50 PM GMT-8
How funny, to put such a fragile self in such a resilient body.A constant undercurrent; God, all these years! All these fucking years. Push because your body won't give up on you, even if you try to force it. Push because nobody else is going to protect you. Push because this is how it is, you're...

Posted by Vida Estranha @ 07/25/2014 10:32 AM GMT-3
Notícias do front... (desolação)
É estranho como podemos nos decepcionar com nós mesmos. Passa-se uma parte considerável da vida tendo uma determinada ideia sobre si mesmo. Uma ideia construída muito lentamente a partir de tudo que se sabia sobre si. Ai, de repente, você descobre algo totalmente novo sobre você. Algo que...

Posted by My wOrLD riDz @ 07/25/2014 10:14 AM GMT6
Cukup lama x update kat sini.. sampai nak kena block da coz x active.. anyway.. i will update it again in couple of weeks... Mood raya

Posted by Bankruptcy 101 @ 07/06/2014 10:20 PM GMT-5
Great Tips For People Filing For Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy is a two-sided coin: relief/stress. For one thing, you need to examine your entire financial life and accept a lot of other people doing the same thing. On the other, however, after the bankruptcy has been discharged, you can get a fresh start and begin to re-build your credit. This...

Posted by unspoken musings @ 06/21/2014 07:19 PM GMT12
l feel like I have lost myself. In struggling to cope with the many changes I have been going through, I feel that I have completely given everything and that I have got nothing left.

Posted by Ooops @ 05/08/2014 08:02 AM GMT-8
Galera 2
Here's another!!!This picture, taken in our latest SCT Getaway. April 24, 2009 at Puerto Galera in a Pedal Boat, about 60 ft from the shore. See my shorts? Its a bit longer now! =)Why unauthorized?Oh! It must be the pose!!!


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