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Posted by stupid freak @ 11/29/2017 06:09 PM GMT6.5
Passenger Seat (kasi yun yung kanta)
at this very point of my life, eto na siguro yung pinakabusy sa buong pagkatao ko. wala na akong maisip kundi work. umay, stressed, saturated! lol. puro work na lang. hindi ko nga alam kung para san ko pa ginagawa to. para sakin? pero hindi naman kasi ako masaya na talaga sa nangyayari sakin sa...

Posted by sadas @ 11/12/2017 10:36 PM GMT-8
Christina Murray is a PhD
tudy biomedical science: ‘We’re trying to find answers to the big diseases’ student researching the causes of Alzheimer’s disease at the Queen Square Brain Bank at the UCL Institute of Neurology. Her work, funded by Alzheimer’s Research UK, involves using donated brain tissue to...

Posted by Sparky @ 10/28/2017 09:15 AM GMT-8
almost ten years now
It'S Now Going To Be Ten Years Since This Dear Friend Of Mine Suddenly Left Us All. Even Though We Have Moved On With Our Lives, We Never Forget The Good Times With Him. We All Need To Value Life For The Loved Ones We Have. Normal 0 false ...

Posted by Sports Wire @ 10/05/2017 08:39 PM GMT-5
Leafs Win Big
I didn't see this on the horizon. The Toronto Maple Leafs hammered the Winnipeg Jets last night 7-2. The Leafs burst out of the gates fast last night. Nazem Kadri got the ball rolling at 15:45 of the first period. James Van Riemsdyk made it 2-0 almost two minutes later. The Leafs...

Posted by Sacramento SEO @ 08/01/2017 01:47 AM GMT-8
The Best Sacramento SEO Money Can Buy
When it comes to choosing which Sacramento SEO agency to work with, you have several options. Any joker can spend 15 minutes slapping together a website that has the same "discovery form" copied verbatim from another SEO agency. But ask yourself how creative will they be when you pay them to go to...

Posted by San Jose Services @ 07/10/2017 08:02 PM GMT-8
Locked Out? Read These Top San Jose Locksmith Tips
There are several reasons why you musty hire locksmiths. The reason doesn't matter; this article will help you know how to find one. You can use this advice when you are in need of a professional to assist in your security...

Posted by Searchexposure @ 07/03/2017 03:17 PM GMT-5
Local SEO services for small business
Search exposure is a search engine marketing company who specializes in small business SEO services. We practice ethical SEO strategy for better search engine positioning and optimal website exposure. At search exposure, we are driven by the motto “your goal is our goal” and hence strive...

Posted by Seorang diri @ 06/04/2017 09:47 PM GMT7
‘InsyaAllah Syah! Movie’ Tayang Tepat di Hari Kemenangan
Hai Hai Hai…Ada Kabar Gembira untuk kalian pecinta tontonan layar lebar… Ya, di hari kemenangan nanti kita akan disuguhkan sajian menarik yang sepertinya akan menjadi fenomenal karena keunikan ceritanya. Siapa disini yang tidak tahu novel ‘InsyaAllah syah’ karya Achi TM?...

Posted by slike @ 05/23/2017 08:22 PM GMT-8
Lessons I Learned From My Students
Every teacher knows that they are, many times, the ones who learn from their students. I am no different. Yes, I educate students about course content, and I do it quite well. I have taught public school for about a decade and a half. I have had the privilege of teaching students of all ages...

Posted by Silence Speaks @ 05/18/2017 10:36 AM GMT-8
People watching,... yeah I used to do that a lot. But these days, I don't get to do that anymore. Life gets too busy with other things. Work is not stressful, it's just I find myself too tired for anything else. Even if I take B12 vitamins, it's just not working for me. Even if I take melatonin to...


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