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Posted by .: LifeHasBegun:. @ 11/15/2017 08:06 AM GMT7
Banjir Datang Lagi
Sebelum aku mulakan dengan cerita banjir yang terbaharu ini, marilah kita imbas semula kejadian yang berlaku pada bulan September 2017 yang lalu. Ya, sebelum banjir pada 5 Nov, dah dua kali banjir pada 15 September dan 21 September. T____T Banjir pada bulan September tu air naik separas buku lali...

Posted by Love wast @ 11/12/2017 10:30 PM GMT-8
The Girls Active programme
What more can be done to engage girls in school sports? New research from Women in Sport, in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, shows girls still turn away from school sports in high numbers. The data surveyed 25,000 girls and boys from 138 secondary schools across England and Northern...

Posted by ----len---- @ 09/25/2017 12:26 PM GMT6
An Open Letter To You Beshie
On your wedding day i have few wishes for you... I wish you unconditional love for you and your husband so you would be able to see the beauty of marriage,and what makes them say "in sickness and in health, for better or for worst ,until death do us part" , i hope those promises will...

Posted by lynn822 da' best @ 08/05/2017 02:35 PM GMT7
Baru dapat buka blog ni. Password asyik terlupa je. Semoga semuanya dirahmati Allaj

Posted by Live Life Fit @ 06/30/2017 02:08 PM GMT-8
New Motivational Video!
Check out this new motivational video I found. Get in the gym and kill it!

Posted by Lloni Smache @ 04/30/2017 03:08 AM GMT8
assalam semua

Posted by LocalSEOTexas @ 02/01/2017 11:41 PM GMT-6
Local SEO in North Dallas
Why use local SEO services for your small business? Search engine optimization is one of the major ways for local small businesses to drive traffic and create more customers and sales. Contact us today at Odds are if you run a business, you have been bombarded with “search engine...

Posted by L.A. CADDMAN @ 12/12/2016 03:24 PM GMT-7
Alright, I am just doing a test on this site to see if I can share any entries onto other social media platforms since it has been a long while since I have wrote in here. If I am able to do it then I can maybe write more in here and share some entries.But for now until I do I will just forget...

Posted by Lawyer @ 11/02/2016 04:57 PM GMT11
"We will recover the full amount of your policy in 14 days, or we won't deduct a fee. We assist clients with legal matters involving both delayed and denied claims, and if there is no recovery, there is no fee. Our primary aim is to protect the rights of our clients, who may be policyholders or...

Posted by LadyDi05Poetry @ 10/09/2016 12:16 PM GMT-8
ALL LIVES MATTER Age 90 to age two All lives should matter to you Black, brown, white, Christian, Muslim or Jew All lives should matter to you We are far more the same than we are different We all have two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth Most importantly, we all look the same in...


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