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Posted by Henry @ 06/21/2017 11:07 AM GMT-8
Fast forward 12 years
Been a while since I blogged here. They actually disabled my account. Can you imagine? Only twelve years.... Perhaps I didn't blog much because I think that during the Obama years we had it good: understanding, intelligent president, lost of government transparency, and progress on things...

Posted by How Real Is Fear? @ 05/11/2017 07:45 AM GMT-8
How Real Is Fear
AN INSPIRATIONAL BLOG INSPIRED BY THE DESTINATION DESTINY WORKSHOP Opposition exists all around us, if we allow it. I say that because YOU are the common factor everywhere you go. Your own way of thinking can be the greatest challenge in overcoming opposition. We must realize that our mind is...

Posted by hazelnut @ 04/26/2017 04:42 PM GMT8
After Years....
Such a feeling coming over me... I am able to retrieved my blog!! OMG!... my last entry was Sunday, November 26, 2006! It was 11 years back! Oh how I miss my Uni years. How I miss my years back then.... I was doing my MSc 11 years ago and now I am struggling to complete my phd...

Posted by Happiness please @ 03/18/2017 11:51 PM GMT-8
I'm back
It's been years but I think I should post again.  So below is what I wrote... in a word processor as whenever I type in here I look away and lose the whole thing.    FFUUUUCCCKKKK I want to scream it at the top of my lungs. I met a guy, briefly. He wanted to hook up in a...

Posted by Heaven @ 01/22/2017 09:32 PM GMT-5
For Macon
For you, Macon I feel for him Yet he’s a stranger to me It was his eyes and sensitivity that caught me I feel I am falling for you We have met only a few times If we ever meet I would love to get a hug and for him to hold my hand I don’t want to move too fast You are...

Posted by hif84 @ 09/26/2016 12:35 PM GMT7
Think Think Think
Berfikir akan memungkin pemikiran kita bergerak pantas.. Berfikir dan terus berfikir.. Bilanya nak berTINDAK.. Hahhaa.

Posted by huedsuwe @ 08/02/2016 11:48 PM GMT-8
8 Problems You Face When You Have A Soft Heart
1. We will always support others With so many selfish people in the world, the softhearted ones are the ones still willing to offer support. Although some may run to a softhearted person not only for support but to take advantage of them, the softhearted person still offers a shield to anyone who...

Posted by H a m b a @ 04/27/2016 05:17 AM GMT0
Aku selalu tengok cerita2 yg ada kat tv dan cerita yang aku selalu tengok biasanye pasal anak derhaka, anak tak kenang budi dan macam2 lagi. Aku selalu kata yang aku xakn jadi mcm 2, tapi hakikatnya aku manusia. Aku takut klu2 satu hari nanti aku akan buat perkara2 mcm tu. tapi aku xnak buat....

Posted by Hizoku Village @ 03/30/2016 02:24 PM GMT-5
A Closer Look
Golly!He recordado tanto que casi se podria decir que he redescubierto algo y alguien, solo con una pequeña diferencia que lo hace casi perfecto, y acabo de recordar que preocupa o_ODeberia resumir el resumen de los resumenes, deberia ... pero no hoy, en fin, extraño el invierno, ya me aburri del...

Posted by happy reading @ 01/30/2016 03:33 AM GMT1
Tao ist das Gleichgewicht von Innen und Aussen
Carl Gustav Jung teilte die Menschen generell in zwei Typen ein: Die Introvertierten und die Extrovertierten. Diese Einteilung ist unzutreffend. Die Menschen koennen nicht so kategorisiert werden. Die Menschen koennen nicht in diese Schubladen gesteckt werden. Kein Mensch kann nur...


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