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Posted by 1sourcebodyhealth @ 11/05/2017 01:09 AM GMT-5
What Is Asthma? Allergies Hay fever Wheezing and Other Signs And Symptoms
person using an asthma inhaler Asthma is a chronic illness that is problematic for twenty five million people in the United States alone. Asthma can be a life threatening condition if it is not treated. Asthma is the narrowing and inflammation of the throat and airways. Asthma will make...

Posted by 01001010 @ 05/18/2017 12:19 AM GMT-8
You're here for one of three reason. If you're within my inner circle, congratulations.. it means I'm not afraid to let you in. If for some reason I gave you this link, it was probably because I felt you could understand me. Lastly, if you've come across this on your own, welcome.Full disclosure:...

Posted by 1upseo @ 02/01/2017 11:18 PM GMT-7
Search Engine Optimization
We are a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency, with a strong focus on ROI and bringing you results. If you want more customers for your business, start working with an SEO expert today!...

Posted by 0811 @ 09/30/2016 05:18 PM GMT0
In response to someone who still comes by this blog, yes, I have graduated (few months ago actually). So yes, speaking to you as a doctor. Not the useful kind. Still impressed that people drop by every now and then. I came today to actually delete this blog and then well, ended up writing here...

Posted by 2 PluWANGempak !! @ 05/27/2016 01:23 AM GMT8
2 Peluang TERBARU & TERBAIK untuk Anda
Peluang #1TERBARU ! Baru bermula Mac 2016 !Bukan investment, Bukan e-share, Bukan Saham, Bukan Kutu, Bukan wang Pos tetapi perniagaan MLM Tulen dengan Pelan Terkini...dapatkan pulangan keuntungan sehingga 350% dari pembelian produk di Ezze Life Global Sdn Bhd.REVENUE MODEL ! ...

Posted by 3ty really? @ 01/09/2016 09:16 PM GMT8
Why i chose not to watch filipino movies
Christmas season is over and the manila film industry has been in control of what is showing in cinemas. From Dec 25 to New years eve, theaters are directed by the local government to showcase only filipino made movies. I really hate this time of the season cause i don't have any choice of...

Posted by 067-5433 @ 12/13/2015 08:51 PM GMT8
My business is everyone's
Saw this in the drafts, felt I should post it. I don't even remember what this was about, lol. My frustration can sometimes surface at the weirdest moments. This was originally supposed to be posted sometime between October 22, 2009 and July 17, 2014... which actually doesn't really narrow it down...

Posted by 1Spiritinmotion @ 11/06/2015 11:22 PM GMT-8
Right Desire
~*~*~Inseparable is the blending of the higher invisible spheres with the visible. Therefore, comprehend the indivisibility of our life. The Breath of Cosmos is immutable in everything. The manifestation of planetary periods depends on cosmic waves; therefore, those who deny the link...

Posted by 1 Hati 1 @ 10/18/2015 01:42 AM GMT11
Penantian itu... ia amat menyakitkan Penantian itu... ia amat menyiksakan Itulah apa yang aku rasakan... Tapi kini bagiku... Penantianku itu sudah tidak ada erti lagi... Penantian yang kosong....

Posted by 5ruS moFIRE @ 04/17/2015 06:29 AM GMT8
welcome back!


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